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An ideal is a subset of ring such that it is possible to make a quotient ring with respect to this subset. This is the most frequent use of the name ideal, but it is used in other areas of mathematics too: ideals in set theory and order theory (which are closely related), ideals in semigroups, ideals in Lie algebras.

An ideal $I$ in a ring $(R,+,\cdot)$ a subset $I\subseteq R$ such that $(I,+)$ is a subgroup of the additive group $(R,+)$ and $r\cdot x,x\cdot r\in I$ whenever $r\in R$ and $x\in I$ (i.e., $I$ is closed under multiplication by arbitrary elements).

This is the most frequent use of the name ideal, but it is used in other areas of mathematics too:

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Classification of prime ideals of $\mathbb{Z}[X]$

Let $\mathbb{Z}[X]$ be the ring of polynomials in one variable over $\Bbb Z$. My question: Is every prime ideal of $\mathbb{Z}[X]$ one of following types? If yes, how would you prove this? $(0)$. $(f(X))$, where $f(X)$ is an irreducible…
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Quotient ring of Gaussian integers

A very basic ring theory question, which I am not able to solve. How does one show that $\mathbb{Z}[i]/(3-i) \cong \mathbb{Z}/10\mathbb{Z}$. Extending the result: $\mathbb{Z}[i]/(a-ib) \cong \mathbb{Z}/(a^{2}+b^{2})\mathbb{Z}$, if $a,b$ are…
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What do prime ideals in $k[x,y]$ look like?

Suppose that $k$ is an algebraically closed field. Then what do the prime ideals in the polynomial ring $k[x,y]$ look like? As far as I know, the maximal ideals of $k[x,y]$ are of the form $(x-a,y-b)$ where $a,b\in k$. What can we say about the…
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Intuition behind "ideal"

To briefly put forward my question, can anyone beautifully explain me in your own view, what was the main intuition behind inventing the ideal of a ring? I want a clarified explanations in these points: Why is the name "ideal" coined?. In English…
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Why is the localization at a prime ideal a local ring?

I would like to know, why $ \mathfrak{p} A_{\mathfrak{p}} $ is the maximal ideal of the local ring $ A_{\mathfrak{p}} $, where $ \mathfrak{p} $ is a prime ideal of $ A $ and $ A_{\mathfrak{p}} $ is the localization of the ring $ A $ with respect to…
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Show that $\langle 2,x \rangle$ is not a principal ideal in $\mathbb Z [x]$

Hi I don't know how to show that $\langle 2,x \rangle$ is not principal and the definition of a principal ideal is unclear to me. I need help on this, please. The ring that I am talking about is $\mathbb{Z}[x]$ so $\langle 2,x \rangle$ refers to…
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Ideals of $\mathbb{Z}[X]$

Is it possible to classify all ideals of $\mathbb{Z}[X]$? By this I mean a preferably short enumerable list which contains every ideal exactly once, preferably specified by generators. The prime ideals are well-known, but I'm interested in all the…
Martin Brandenburg
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Why are maximal ideals prime?

Could anyone explain to me why maximal ideals are prime? I'm approaching it like this, let $R$ be a commutative ring with $1$ and let $A$ be a maximal ideal. Let $a,b\in R:ab\in A$. I'm trying to construct an ideal $B$ such that $A\subset B \neq A$…
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What is the algebraic structure of functions with fixed points?

So I just noticed that the set of functions with a fixed point $$f(x_0)=x_0,$$ are closed under composition $$(f\circ g)(x):=g(f(x)),$$ and with $e(x)=x$, the inverible functions even seem to form a (non-commutative) group. Then if one chooses…
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If $\operatorname{Spec} A$ is not connected then there is a nontrivial idempotent

I'm solving a problem from Atiyah-Macdonald. I have to show that if $X=\operatorname{Spec} A$ is not connected then $A$ contains idempotents $e \neq 0,1$. The converse is easy. If $e \in A$ is an idempotent then $(e)+(1-e)=(1)$ and…
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What are the left and right ideals of matrix ring? How about the two sided ideals?

What are the left and right ideals of matrix ring? How about the two sided ideals?
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Why are ideals more important than subrings?

I have read that subgroups, subrings, submodules, etc. are substructures. But if you look at the definition of the Noetherian rings and Noetherian modules, Noetherian rings are defined with ideals and Noetherian modules are defined with submodules.…
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Structure of ideals in the product of two rings

$R$ and $S$ are two rings. Let $J$ be an ideal in $R\times S$. Then there are $I_{1}$, ideal of $R$, and $I_{2}$, ideal of $S$ such that $J=I_{1}\times I_{2}$. For me it's obvious why $\left\{ r\in R\mid \left(r,s\right)\in J\text{ for some } s\in…
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Explaining the product of two ideals

My textbook says that the product of two ideals $I$ and $J$ is the set of all finite sums of elements of the form $ab$ with $a \in I$ and $b \in J$. What does this mean exactly? Can you give examples?
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One-to-one correspondence of ideals in the quotient also extends to prime ideals?

I'm beginning to learn some Grothendieck's algebraic geometry and I have a doubt about a property of commutative algebra. For a comm. ring $A$ and an ideal $I$ of $A$, does the one-to-one correspondence between ideals of the quotient $A/I$ and…
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