List of renewable energy topics by country and territory

This is a list of renewable energy topics by country and territory. These links can be used to compare developments in renewable energy in different countries and territories and to help and encourage new writers to participate in writing about developments in their own countries or countries of interest.

Solar panels and wind turbines in Germany.
Placard for renewable energy, at the People's Climate March (2017).

The list refers to renewable energy in general, as well as solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, biofuel, and hydropower. As of 2013, China, Germany, and Japan, and India, four of the world's largest economies generate more electricity from renewables than from nuclear power.

Based on REN21's 2014 report, renewables supplied 19% of humans' global energy consumption. This energy consumption is divided as 9% coming from traditional biomass, 4.2% as heat energy (non-biomass), 3.8% hydro electricity and 2% is electricity from wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass.

China is the world's largest producer of hydroelectricity, followed by Canada, Brazil, India, U.S and Russia. Wind power capacity is growing at the rate of 26% annually, and is widely used in Europe, Asia, and the United States.[1] Wind power accounts for approximately 30% of electricity use in Denmark, 20% in Portugal, and 18% in Spain.[2]

Long considered climate policy’s problem case due to its large population and fast growing economy, India is exceeding targets and breaking records and has become the fastest in adoption of clean and renewable energy.[3]

Special renewable energy figures

PV power stations are popular in Japan, China and the United States. The world's largest geothermal power installation is The Geysers in California, with a rated capacity of 750 MW.[4] Brazil has one of the largest renewable energy programs in the world, involving production of ethanol fuel from sugar cane, and ethanol now provides 18 percent of the country's automotive fuel.[5] Ethanol fuel is also widely available in the United States. Plug-in electric vehicles in Norway reached a market share of 22.4% in 2015,[6] the highest in the world.

While many renewable energy projects are large-scale, renewable technologies are also suited to developing countries, where energy is often crucial in human development. Small solar PV systems provide electricity to a few million households, and micro-hydro configured into mini-grids serves many more.



Region Renewable
energy (RE)
Solar power (SP) Wind power (WP) Geothermal
energy (GE)
Biofuel (BF) Hydro power
Africa RE in AfricaSP in AfricaWP in AfricaGE in AfricaBF in AfricaHydro in Africa
Asia RE in AsiaSP in AsiaWP in AsiaGE in AsiaBF in AsiaHydro in Asia
European Union RE in the EUSP in the EUWP in the EUGE in the EUBF in the EUHydro in the EU

Countries and territories

Country or territory Energy (E) Renewable
energy (RE)
Solar power (SP) Wind power (WP) Geothermal
energy (GE)
Biofuel (BF) Hydro power
Afghanistan E in Afghanistan RE in AfghanistanSP in AfghanistanWP in AfghanistanGE in AfghanistanBF in AfghanistanHydro in Afghanistan
Albania E in Albania RE in AlbaniaSP in AlbaniaWP in AlbaniaGE in AlbaniaBF in AlbaniaHydro in Albania
Algeria E in Algeria RE in AlgeriaSP in AlgeriaWP in AlgeriaGE in AlgeriaBF in AlgeriaHydro in Algeria
Andorra E in Andorra RE in AndorraSP in AndorraWP in AndorraGE in AndorraBF in AndorraHydro in Andorra
Angola E in Angola RE in AngolaSP in AngolaWP in AngolaGE in AngolaBF in AngolaHydro in Angola
Antigua and Barbuda E in Antigua and Barbuda RE in Antigua and BarbudaSP in Antigua and BarbudaWP in Antigua and BarbudaGE in Antigua and BarbudaBF in Antigua and BarbudaHydro in Antigua and Barbuda
Argentina E in Argentina RE in ArgentinaSP in ArgentinaWP in ArgentinaGE in ArgentinaBF in ArgentinaHydro in Argentina
Armenia E in Armenia RE in ArmeniaSP in ArmeniaWP in ArmeniaGE in ArmeniaBF in ArmeniaHydro in Armenia
Australia E in Australia RE in AustraliaSP in AustraliaWP in AustraliaGE in AustraliaBF in AustraliaHydro in Australia
Austria E in Austria RE in AustriaSP in AustriaWP in AustriaGE in AustriaBF in AustriaHydro in Austria
Azerbaijan E in Azerbaijan RE in AzerbaijanSP in AzerbaijanWP in AzerbaijanGE in AzerbaijanBF in AzerbaijanHydro in Azerbaijan
The Bahamas E in the Bahamas RE in the BahamasSP in the BahamasWP in the BahamasGE in the BahamasBF in the BahamasHydro in the Bahamas
Bahrain E in Bahrain RE in BahrainSP in BahrainWP in BahrainGE in BahrainBF in BahrainHydro in Bahrain
Bangladesh E in Bangladesh RE in BangladeshSP in BangladeshWP in BangladeshGE in BangladeshBF in BangladeshHydro in Bangladesh
Barbados E in Barbados RE in BarbadosSP in BarbadosWP in BarbadosGE in BarbadosBF in BarbadosHydro in Barbados
Belarus E in Belarus RE in BelarusSP in BelarusWP in BelarusGE in BelarusBF in BelarusHydro in Belarus
Belgium E in Belgium RE in BelgiumSP in BelgiumWP in BelgiumGE in BelgiumBF in BelgiumHydro in Belgium
Belize E in Belize RE in BelizeSP in BelizeWP in BelizeGE in BelizeBF in BelizeHydro in Belize
Benin E in Benin RE in BeninSP in BeninWP in BeninGE in BeninBF in BeninHydro in Benin
Bhutan E in Bhutan RE in BhutanSP in BhutanWP in BhutanGE in BhutanBF in BhutanHydro in Bhutan
Bolivia E in Bolivia RE in BoliviaSP in BoliviaWP in BoliviaGE in BoliviaBF in BoliviaHydro in Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina E in Bosnia and Herzegovina RE in Bosnia and HerzegovinaSP in Bosnia and HerzegovinaWP in Bosnia and HerzegovinaGE in Bosnia and HerzegovinaBF in Bosnia and HerzegovinaHydro in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Botswana E in Botswana RE in BotswanaSP in BotswanaWP in BotswanaGE in BotswanaBF in BotswanaHydro in Botswana
Brazil E in Brazil RE in BrazilSP in BrazilWP in BrazilGE in BrazilBF in BrazilHydro in Brazil
Brunei E in Brunei RE in BruneiSP in BruneiWP in BruneiGE in BruneiBF in BruneiHydro in Brunei
Bulgaria E in Bulgaria RE in BulgariaSP in BulgariaWP in BulgariaGE in BulgariaBF in BulgariaHydro in Bulgaria
Burkina Faso E in Burkina Faso RE in Burkina FasoSP in Burkina FasoWP in Burkina FasoGE in Burkina FasoBF in Burkina FasoHydro in Burkina Faso
Burundi E in Burundi RE in BurundiSP in BurundiWP in BurundiGE in BurundiBF in BurundiHydro in Burundi
Cambodia E in Cambodia RE in CambodiaSP in CambodiaWP in CambodiaGE in CambodiaBF in CambodiaHydro in Cambodia
Cameroon E in Cameroon RE in CameroonSP in CameroonWP in CameroonGE in CameroonBF in CameroonHydro in Cameroon
Canada E in Canada RE in CanadaSP in CanadaWP in CanadaGE in CanadaBF in CanadaHydro in Canada
Cape Verde E in Cape Verde RE in Cape VerdeSP in Cape VerdeWP in Cape VerdeGE in Cape VerdeBF in Cape VerdeHydro in Cape Verde
Central African Republic E in the CAR RE in the CARSP in the CARWP in the CARGE in the CARBF in the CARHydro in the CAR
Chad E in Chad RE in ChadSP in ChadWP in ChadGE in ChadBF in ChadHydro in Chad
Chile E in Chile RE in ChileSP in ChileWP in ChileGE in ChileBF in ChileHydro in Chile
China E in China RE in ChinaSP in ChinaWP in ChinaGE in ChinaBF in ChinaHydro in China
Hong Kong E in Hong Kong RE in Hong KongSP in Hong KongWP in Hong KongGE in Hong KongBF in Hong KongHydro in Hong Kong
Macau E in Macau RE in MacauSP in MacauWP in MacauGE in MacauBF in MacauHydro in Macau
Colombia E in Colombia RE in ColombiaSP in ColombiaWP in ColombiaGE in ColombiaBF in ColombiaHydro in Colombia
Comoros E in Comoros RE in ComorosSP in ComorosWP in ComorosGE in ComorosBF in ComorosHydro in Comoros
Congo E in Congo RE in CongoSP in CongoWP in CongoGE in CongoBF in CongoHydro in Congo
DR Congo E in DR Congo RE in DR CongoSP in DR CongoWP in DR CongoGE in DR CongoBF in DR CongoHydro in DR Congo
Costa Rica E in Costa Rica RE in Costa RicaSP in Costa RicaWP in Costa RicaGE in Costa RicaBF in Costa RicaHydro in Costa Rica
Côte d'Ivoire E in Côte d'Ivoire RE in Côte d'IvoireSP in Côte d'IvoireWP in Côte d'IvoireGE in Côte d'IvoireBF in Côte d'IvoireHydro in Côte d'Ivoire
Croatia E in Croatia RE in CroatiaSP in CroatiaWP in CroatiaGE in CroatiaBF in CroatiaHydro in Croatia
Cuba E in Cuba RE in CubaSP in CubaWP in CubaGE in CubaBF in CubaHydro in Cuba
Cyprus E in Cyprus RE in CyprusSP in CyprusWP in CyprusGE in CyprusBF in CyprusHydro in Cyprus
Czech Republic E in Czech RE in CzechSP in CzechWP in CzechGE in CzechBF in CzechHydro in Czech
Denmark E in Denmark RE in DenmarkSP in DenmarkWP in DenmarkGE in DenmarkBF in DenmarkHydro in Denmark
Djibouti E in Djibouti RE in DjiboutiSP in DjiboutiWP in DjiboutiGE in DjiboutiBF in DjiboutiHydro in Djibouti
Dominica E in Dominica RE in DominicaSP in DominicaWP in DominicaGE in DominicaBF in DominicaHydro in Dominica
Dominican Republic E in Dominican Republic RE in Dominican RepublicSP in Dominican RepublicWP in Dominican RepublicGE in Dominican RepublicBF in Dominican RepublicHydro in Dominican Republic
Ecuador E in Ecuador RE in EcuadorSP in EcuadorWP in EcuadorGE in EcuadorBF in EcuadorHydro in Ecuador
Egypt E in Egypt RE in EgyptSP in EgyptWP in EgyptGE in EgyptBF in EgyptHydro in Egypt
El Salvador E in El Salvador RE in El SalvadorSP in El SalvadorWP in El SalvadorGE in El SalvadorBF in El SalvadorHydro in El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea E in Equatorial Guinea RE in Equatorial GuineaSP in Equatorial GuineaWP in Equatorial GuineaGE in Equatorial GuineaBF in Equatorial GuineaHydro in Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea E in Eritrea RE in EritreaSP in EritreaWP in EritreaGE in EritreaBF in EritreaHydro in Eritrea
Estonia E in Estonia RE in EstoniaSP in EstoniaWP in EstoniaGE in EstoniaBF in EstoniaHydro in Estonia
Ethiopia E in Ethiopia RE in EthiopiaSP in EthiopiaWP in EthiopiaGE in EthiopiaBF in EthiopiaHydro in Ethiopia
Finland E in Finland RE in FinlandSP in FinlandWP in FinlandGE in FinlandBF in FinlandHydro in Finland
France E in France RE in FranceSP in FranceWP in FranceGE in FranceBF in FranceHydro in France
Germany E in Germany RE in GermanySP in GermanyWP in GermanyGE in GermanyBF in GermanyHydro in Germany
Greece E in Greece RE in GreeceSP in GreeceWP in GreeceGE in GreeceBF in GreeceHydro in Greece
Haiti E in Haiti RE in HaitiSP in HaitiWP in HaitiGE in HaitiBF in HaitiHydro in Haiti
Honduras E in Honduras RE in Honduras SP in Honduras WP in Honduras GE in Honduras BF in Honduras Hydro in Honduras
Hungary E in Hungary RE in HungarySP in HungaryWP in HungaryGE in HungaryBF in HungaryHydro in Hungary
Iceland E in Iceland RE in IcelandSP in IcelandWP in IcelandGE in IcelandBF in IcelandHydro in Iceland
India E in India RE in IndiaSP in IndiaWP in IndiaGE in IndiaBF in IndiaHydro in India
Indonesia E in Indonesia RE in IndonesiaSP in IndonesiaWP in IndonesiaGE in IndonesiaBF in IndonesiaHydro in Indonesia
Iran E in Iran RE in IranSP in IranWP in IranGE in IranBF in IranHydro in Iran
Iraq E in Iraq RE in IraqSP in IraqWP in IraqGE in IraqBF in IrelandHydro in Iraq
Ireland E in Ireland RE in IrelandSP in IrelandWP in IrelandGE in IrelandBF in IrelandHydro in Ireland
Israel E in Israel RE in IsraelSP in IsraelWP in IsraelGE in IsraelBF in IsraelHydro in Israel
Italy E in Italy RE in ItalySP in ItalyWP in ItalyGE in ItalyBF in ItalyHydro in Italy
Japan E in Japan RE in JapanSP in JapanWP in JapanGE in JapanBF in JapanHydro in Japan
Kazakhstan E in Kazakhstan RE in KazakhstanSP in KazakhstanWP in KazakhstanGE in KazakhstanBF in KazakhstanHydro in Kazakhstan
Kenya E in Kenya RE in KenyaSP in KenyaWP in KenyaGE in KenyaBF in KenyaHydro in Kenya
Kosovo E in Kosovo RE in KosovoSP in KosovoWP in KosovoGE in KosovoBF in KosovoHydro in Kosovo
Laos E in Laos RE in LaosSP in LaosWP in LaosGE in LaosBF in LaosHydro in Laos
Latvia E in Latvia RE in LatviaSP in LatviaWP in LatviaGE in LatviaBF in LatviaHydro in Latvia
Lebanon E in Lebanon RE in LebanonSP in LebanonWP in LebanonGE in LebanonBF in LebanonHydro in Lebanon
Lithuania E in Lithuania RE in LithuaniaSP in LithuaniaWP in LithuaniaGE in LithuaniaBF in LithuaniaHydro in Lithuania
Luxembourg E in Luxembourg RE in LuxembourgSP in LuxembourgWP in LuxembourgGE in LuxembourgBF in LuxembourgHydro in Luxembourg
Macedonia E in Macedonia RE in MacedoniaSP in MacedoniaWP in MacedoniaGE in MacedoniaBF in MacedoniaHydro in Macedonia
Malaysia E in Malaysia RE in MalaysiaSP in MalaysiaWP in MalaysiaGE in MalaysiaBF in MalaysiaHydro in Malaysia
Malta E in Malta RE in MaltaSP in MaltaWP in MaltaGE in MaltaBF in MaltaHydro in Malta
Mexico E in Mexico RE in MexicoSP in MexicoWP in MexicoGE in MexicoBF in MexicoHydro in Mexico
Moldova E in Moldova RE in MoldovaSP in MoldovaWP in MoldovaGE in MoldovaBF in MoldovaHydro in Moldova
Mongolia E in Mongolia RE in MongoliaSP in MongoliaWP in MongoliaGE in MongoliaBF in MongoliaHydro in Mongolia
Montenegro E in Montenegro RE in MontenegroSP in MontenegroWP in MontenegroGE in MontenegroBF in MontenegroHydro in Montenegro
Morocco E in Morocco RE in MoroccoSP in MoroccoWP in MoroccoGE in MoroccoBF in MoroccoHydro in Morocco
Myanmar E in Myanmar RE in MyanmarSP in MyanmarWP in MyanmarGE in MyanmarBF in MyanmarHydro in Myanmar
Nepal E in Nepal RE in NepalSP in NepalWP in NepalGE in NepalBF in NepalHydro in Nepal
The Netherlands E in the Netherlands RE in the NetherlandsSP in the NetherlandsWP in the NetherlandsGE in the NetherlandsBF in the NetherlandsHydro in the Netherlands
New Zealand E in NZ RE in NZSP in NZWP in NZGE in NZBF in NZHydro in NZ
Nigeria E in Nigeria RE in NigeriaSP in NigeriaWP in NigeriaGE in NigeriaBF in NigeriaHydro in Nigeria
Norway E in Norway RE in NorwaySP in NorwayWP in NorwayGE in NorwayBF in NorwayHydro in Norway
Pakistan E in Pakistan RE in PakistanSP in PakistanWP in PakistanGE in PakistanBF in PakistanHydro in Pakistan
Philippines E in the Philippines RE in the PhilippinesSP in the PhilippinesWP in the PhilippinesGE in the PhilippinesBF in the PhilippinesHydro in the Philippines
Poland E in Poland RE in PolandSP in PolandWP in PolandGE in PolandBF in PolandHydro in Poland
Portugal E in Portugal RE in PortugalSP in PortugalWP in PortugalGE in PortugalBF in PortugalHydro in Portugal
Romania E in Romania RE in RomaniaSP in RomaniaWP in RomaniaGE in RomaniaBF in RomaniaHydro in Romania
Russia E in Russia RE in RussiaSP in RussiaWP in RussiaGE in RussiaBF in RussiaHydro in Russia
Saudi Arabia E in Saudi Arabia RE in Saudi ArabiaSP in Saudi ArabiaWP in Saudi ArabiaGE in Saudi ArabiaBF in Saudi ArabiaHydro in Saudi Arabia
Serbia E in Serbia RE in SerbiaSP in SerbiaWP in SerbiaGE in SerbiaBF in SerbiaHydro in Serbia
Seychelles E in Seychelles RE in SeychellesSP in SeychellesWP in SeychellesGE in SeychellesBF in SeychellesHydro in Seychelles
Singapore E in Singapore RE in SingaporeSP in SingaporeWP in SingaporeGE in SingaporeBF in SingaporeHydro in Singapore
Slovakia E in Slovakia RE in SlovakiaSP in SlovakiaWP in SlovakiaGE in SlovakiaBF in SlovakiaHydro in Slovakia
Slovenia E in Slovenia RE in SloveniaSP in SloveniaWP in SloveniaGE in SloveniaBF in SloveniaHydro in Slovenia
Somalia E in Somalia RE in SomaliaSP in SomaliaWP in SomaliaGE in SomaliaBF in SomaliaHydro in Somalia
South Africa E in South Africa RE in South AfricaSP in South AfricaWP in South AfricaGE in South AfricaBF in South AfricaHydro in South Africa
South Korea E in South Korea RE in South KoreaSP in South KoreaWP in South KoreaGE in South KoreaBF in South KoreaHydro in South Korea
Spain E in Spain RE in SpainSP in SpainWP in SpainGE in SpainBF in SpainHydro in Spain
Sri Lanka E in Sri Lanka RE in Sri LankaSP in Sri LankaWP in Sri LankaGE in Sri LankaBF in Sri LankaHydro in Sri Lanka
Sweden E in Sweden RE in SwedenSP in SwedenWP in SwedenGE in SwedenBF in SwedenHydro in Sweden
Switzerland E in Switzerland RE in SwitzerlandSP in SwitzerlandWP in SwitzerlandGE in SwitzerlandBF in SwitzerlandHydro in Switzerland
Taiwan E in Taiwan RE in TaiwanSP in TaiwanWP in TaiwanGE in TaiwanBF in TaiwanHydro in Taiwan
Thailand E in Thailand RE in ThailandSP in ThailandWP in ThailandGE in ThailandBF in ThailandHydro in Thailand
Turkey E in Turkey RE in TurkeySP in TurkeyWP in TurkeyGE in TurkeyBF in TurkeyHydro in Turkey
Tuvalu E in Tuvalu RE in TuvaluSP in TuvaluWP in TuvaluGE in TuvaluBF in TuvaluHydro in Tuvalu
Ukraine E in Ukraine RE in UkraineSP in UkraineWP in UkraineGE in UkraineBF in UkraineHydro in Ukraine
United Kingdom E in the UK RE in the UKSP in the UKWP in the UKGE in the UKBF in the UKHydro in the UK
United States E in the US RE in the USSP in the USWP in the USGE in the USBF in the USHydro in the US
Uzbekistan E in Uzbekistan RE in Uzbekistan SP in Uzbekistan WP in Uzbekistan GE in Uzbekistan BF in Uzbekistan Hydro in Uzbekistan
Venezuela E in Venezuela RE in VenezuelaSP in VenezuelaWP in VenezuelaGE in VenezuelaBF in VenezuelaHydro in Venezuela
Vietnam E in Vietnam RE in VietnamSP in VietnamWP in VietnamGE in VietnamBF in VietnamHydro in Vietnam
Yemen E in Yemen RE in YemenSP in YemenWP in YemenGE in YemenBF in YemenHydro in Yemen


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