List of heads of state of Malta

This article lists the heads of state of Malta, from independence as the State of Malta in 1964 to present.

From 1964 to 1974, Malta was a Commonwealth realm and its head of state under the Constitution of Malta was the queen of Malta, Elizabeth II – who was also simultaneously the queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. She was represented in Malta by a governor-general. Malta became a republic within the Commonwealth after constitutional amendments in 1974, and the position of monarch and governor-general were replaced by a president of Malta who is indirectly elected.

Queen of Malta (1964–1974)

The succession to the throne was the same as the succession to the British throne.

No. Portrait Monarch
Reign Royal House Prime Minister
Reign start Reign end Duration
1 Queen Elizabeth II
21 September 1964 13 December 1974 10 years, 83 days Windsor Borg Olivier

Governors-General of Malta

The Governor-General of Malta was the representative of the monarch in Malta and exercised most of the powers of the monarch. The Governor-General was appointed for an indefinite term, serving at the pleasure of the Monarch. After the passage of the Statute of Westminster 1931, the Governor-General was appointed solely on the advice of the Cabinet of Malta without the involvement of the British government. In the event of a vacancy the Chief Justice served as Officer Administering the Government.

  Denotes Chief Justice acting as Officer Administering the Government
No. Portrait Governor-General
Term of office Monarch Prime Minister
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Sir Maurice Dorman
21 September 1964 22 June 1971 6 years, 274 days Elizabeth II Borg Olivier
2 Sir Anthony Mamo
22 June 1971 5 July 1971 3 years, 174 days Mintoff
5 July 1971 13 December 1974

Presidents of the Republic of Malta (1974–present)

Under the Constitution of Malta as amended in 1974, the position of President of Malta replaced the British Monarch as head of state. The position of President is elected by Parliament for a five-year term. As from 1989, the President is traditionally inaugurated on April 4th of the year of the nomination and subsequent election of the President by Parliament, provided the preceding President has not resigned before their term expired. In the event of a vacancy, or for any reason the President is unable to perform the functions conferred upon them by the Constitution, those functions are performed by an Acting President (Maltese: Aġent President) appointed by the Prime Minister, after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition. If there is no person in Malta so appointed and able to perform those functions, the Chief Justice serves as Acting President.

Political parties
Other factions
  Denotes Acting President
No. Portrait President
Elected Term of office Political party Prime minister(s)
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Sir Anthony Mamo
1974 13 December 1974 27 December 1976 2 years, 14 days Independent Mintoff
2 Anton Buttigieg
1976 27 December 1976 27 December 1981 5 years Labour Party Mintoff
Albert Hyzler
27 December 1981 15 February 1982 50 days Labour Party Mintoff
3 Agatha Barbara
1982 15 February 1982 15 February 1987 5 years Labour Party Mintoff
Mifsud Bonnici
Paul Xuereb
15 February 1987 4 April 1989 2 years, 48 days Labour Party Mifsud Bonnici
Fenech Adami
4 Ċensu Tabone
1989 4 April 1989 4 April 1994 5 years Nationalist Party Fenech Adami
5 Ugo Mifsud Bonnici
(born 1932)
1994 4 April 1994 4 April 1999 5 years Nationalist Party Fenech Adami
Fenech Adami
6 Guido de Marco
1999 4 April 1999 4 April 2004 5 years Nationalist Party Fenech Adami
7 Eddie Fenech Adami
(born 1934)
2004 4 April 2004 4 April 2009 5 years Nationalist Party Gonzi
8 George Abela
(born 1948)
2009 4 April 2009 4 April 2014 5 years Labour Party Gonzi
9 Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca
(born 1958)
2014 4 April 2014 4 April 2019 5 years Labour Party Muscat
10 George Vella
(born 1942)
2019 4 April 2019 Incumbent
(Term ends on 4 April 2024)
3 years, 303 days Labour Party Muscat


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