1995 Seattle Mariners season

The 1995 Seattle Mariners season was the 19th in the history of the franchise. The team finished with a regular season record of 79–66 (.545) to win their first American League West title, after having been down by as many as 13 games in early August. They had tied the California Angels for first place, and in the one-game tiebreaker, the Mariners defeated the Angels 9–1 to make the postseason for the first time in franchise history.[1][2]

1995 Seattle Mariners
American League West champions
Major League affiliations
Record79–66 (.545)
Divisional place1st
Other information
Owner(s)Nintendo of America
(represented by John Ellis)
General manager(s)Woody Woodward
Manager(s)Lou Piniella
Local televisionKIRO-TV 7
Prime Sports NW
Local radioKIRO 710 AM
(Dave Niehaus, Rick Rizzs,
Chip Caray, Ron Fairly)
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In the postseason, the Mariners defeated the New York Yankees in the best-of-five American League Division Series after losing the first two games in New York, a series notable for Edgar Martínez' walk-off 11th-inning double in the fifth game. In the League Championship Series with the favored Cleveland Indians, Seattle won the opener at home and the third game on the road,[3] but fell in six games.[4]


  • October 14, 1994: Alex Diaz was selected off waivers by the Mariners from the Milwaukee Brewers.[5]
  • November 29, 1994: Félix Fermín was signed as a free agent with the Mariners.[6]
  • December 21, 1994: Jay Buhner was signed as a free agent with the Mariners.[7]
  • December 21, 1994: Eric Anthony was released by the Mariners.[8]

Regular season

  • Ken Griffey Jr. suffered a severe left wrist injury on May 26 while making a catch at the wall that sidelined him until mid-August.[9][10][11] The Mariners stayed afloat at around .500, and their historic late season comeback tied the California Angels.[12]
  • The Mariners honored the West Coast Negro Baseball League Seattle Steelheads when they wore 1946 Steelheads uniforms on September 9, 1995, at home against the Kansas City Royals. The Royals wore Kansas City Monarchs uniforms.[13] The Mariners beat the Royals 6 to 2 in front of 39,157 fans at the Kingdome.[14]
  • Randy Johnson won the Cy Young Award. The award came at the end of a banner year. Johnson (18-2, 2.48 ERA, 294 strikeouts) narrowly missed becoming the first AL Triple Crown pitcher (leading the league in wins, ERA, and strikeouts) since Detroit's Hal Newhouser accomplished the feat in 1945.[15] His .900 winning percentage broke Ron Guidry's 1978 record, and his strikeouts per nine innings ratio of 12.35 broke the record held by Nolan Ryan.[15]

Opening Day lineup


1995 Seattle Mariners
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


Notable transactions

  • May 15: Roger Salkeld was traded by the Mariners to the Cincinnati Reds for Tim Belcher.[16]
  • July 14: Norm Charlton was signed by the Mariners after being released by the Cincinnati Reds [17]
  • July 31: Ron Villone and Marc Newfield were traded by the Mariners to the San Diego Padres for Andy Benes and a player to be named later. The Padres sent Greg Keagle to the Mariners on September 17.[18]
  • August 15: The Mariners traded a player to be named later to the Kansas City Royals for Vince Coleman.[19] The Mariners sent Jim Converse to the Royals on August 18.[20]

Draft picks

Pennant chase

On the morning of August 21, the Mariners (53–53 (.500)) were 12½ games behind the Angels (66–41 (.617)).[23] Two weeks later, the lead was down to 5½ games, as the Angels went 1–12 while the M's were 8–5. After another two weeks, the lead was down to three games, and the teams were even at 72–63 (.533) on the morning of September 21. Seattle led by as many as three games. On September 30 with 2 games left of season, the Mariners only needed one more win to clinch their first playoff spot in franchise history, but couldn't hold it, as they lost their final two games at Texas; the Angels won their final five games to tie the Mariners at 78–66 (.542), requiring a one-game playoff for the division title.[24] Also on a five-game winning streak, the Yankees secured the new wild card berth at 79–65 (.549).[25]

Season standings

AL West W L Pct. GB Home Road
Seattle Mariners 7966 0.545 46–27 33–39
California Angels 7867 0.538 1 39–33 39–34
Texas Rangers 7470 0.514 41–31 33–39
Oakland Athletics 6777 0.465 11½ 38–34 29–43

Note: Teams played 144 games instead of the normal 162 as a consequence of the 1994 strike.
          Seattle and California each played 145 games due to the one-game tiebreaker.

Record vs. opponents

Baltimore 4–99–46–12–108–54–57–53–66–75–76–74–17–6
Boston 9–411–35–36–78–53–28–45–45–88–47–53–48–5
California 4–93–1110–23–26–25–75–28–57–56–77–66–78–2
Chicago 1–63–52–105–88–48–56–710–33–2–17–54–95–76–5
Cleveland 10–27–62–38–510–311–19–49–46–67–05–46–310–3
Detroit 5–85–82–64–83–103–48–57–55–82–35–54–87–6
Kansas City 5–42–37–55–81–114–310–26–73–75–87–58–67–5
Milwaukee 5–74–82–57–64–95–82–109–45–67–23–25–77–5
Minnesota 6–34–55–83–104–95–77–64–93–45–74–85–81–4
New York 7–68–55–72–3–16–68–57–36–54–34–94–96–312–1
Oakland 7–54–87–65–70–73–28–52–77–59–47–65–83–7
Seattle 7–65–76–79–44–55–55–72–38–49–46–710–33–4
Texas 1–44–37–67–53–68–46–87–58–53–68–53–109–3
Toronto 6–75–82–85–63–106–75–75–74–11–127–34–33–9

Game log

Regular season

1995 game log: 79–66 (Home: 46–27; Away: 33–39)
April: 3–1 (Home: 3–1; Away: 0–0)
1April 27Tigers3–0Johnson (1–0)Bergman (0–1)Ayala (1)34,6561–0W1
2April 28Tigers9–2Bosio (1–0)Doherty (0–1)19,3362–0W2
3April 29Tigers11–1Fleming (1–0)D. Wells (0–1)Converse (1)27,2643–0W3
4April 30Tigers1–10Moore (2–0)B. Wells (0–1)19,7433–1L1
May: 16–12 (Home: 9–3; Away: 7–9)
5May 1@ Rangers4–1Davis (1–0)Rogers (0–2)Ayala (2)19,1044–1W1
6May 2@ Rangers15–3Nelson (1–0)Heredia (0–1)17,9835–1W2
7May 3@ Rangers5–1Bosio (2–0)Pavlik (0–1)17,3756–1W3
8May 5@ Angels0–10Patterson (1–0)Fleming (1–1)30,2306–2L1
9May 6@ Angels5–7Williams (1–1)Wells (0–2)L. Smith (4)21,8826–3L2
10May 7@ Angels3–2Johnson (2–0)Finley (0–3)Ayala (3)24,8687–3W1
11May 9@ Athletics5–7Wengert (1–1)Converse (0–1)8,1257–4L1
12May 10@ Athletics4–7Ontiveros (2–1)Fleming (1–2)Eckersley (4)8,4957–5L2
13May 11@ Athletics1–3Harkey (1–1)Villone (0–1)Eckersley (5)9,4447–6L3
14May 12White Sox6–4Johnson (3–0)Alvarez (1–2)Risley (1)18,1668–6W1
15May 13White Sox6–5Davis (2–0)Fernandez (1–2)Ayala (4)40,6539–6W2
16May 14White Sox2–10Abbott (2–1)Converse (0–2)19,4759–7L1
17May 16@ Royals2–4 (5)Haney (1–0)Fleming (1–3)12,3309–8L2
18May 17@ Royals4–0Wells (1–2)Gubicza (1–3)12,02010–8W1
19May 18@ Royals2–3 (14)Brewer (1–1)Converse (0–3)14,79310–9L1
20May 19@ Twins6–8Radke (2–1)Davis (2–1)Aguilera (6)14,63910–10L2
21May 20@ Twins10–6Belcher (1–0)Erickson (1–4)13,76211–10W1
22May 21@ Twins5–2Johnson (4–0)Tapani (2–2)Ayala (5)12,91812–10W2
23May 22@ Tigers8–10Boever (3–0)Carmona (0–1)Henneman (4)9,16712–11L1
24May 23Red Sox4–5 (10)Belinda (3–0)Frey (0–2)Ryan (3)11,86812–12L2
25May 24Red Sox15–6Carmona (1–1)Pierce (0–3)Nelson (1)10,04113–12W1
26May 25Red Sox4–3Belcher (2–0)Z. Smith (0–1)Ayala (6)12,19414–12W2
27May 26Orioles8–3Johnson (5–0)McDonald (0–2)15,25615–12W3
28May 27Orioles4–11Mills (3–0)Wells (1–3)20,79715–13L1
29May 28Orioles5–2Bosio (3–0)Brown (4–2)Ayala (7)16,78516–13W1
30May 29Yankees8–7 (12)Ayala (1–0)Bankhead (1–1)18,94817–13W2
31May 30Yankees7–3Nelson (2–0)Perez (2–2)10,70918–13W3
32May 31Yankees11–9Wells (2–3)MacDonald (0–1)Ayala (8)13,03519–13W4
June: 11–17 (Home: 5–9; Away: 6–8)
33June 2@ Red Sox5–6Belinda (4–0)Torres (0–2)33,47619–14L1
34June 3@ Red Sox8–10Cormier (2–0)Carmona (1–2)Ryan (6)27,30119–15L2
35June 4@ Red Sox1–2 (10)Wakefield (3–0)Ayala (1–1)28,51219–16L3
36June 5@ Orioles2–0Johnson (6–0)McDonald (1–3)36,73220–16W1
37June 6@ Orioles6–12Moyer (1–1)Fleming (1–4)33,55620–17L1
38June 7@ Orioles10–2Bosio (4–0)Brown (5–3)38,40721–17W1
39June 8@ Orioles2–8Mussina (5–3)Torres (0–3)40,73021–18L1
40June 9@ Yankees11–1Belcher (3–0)Perez (3–3)19,65022–18W1
41June 10@ Yankees3–2Nelson (3–0)Howe (1–2)Ayala (9)25,27923–18W2
42June 11@ Yankees7–10Howe (2–2)Frey (0–3)Wetteland (7)26,03723–19L1
43June 12Royals9–10Meacham (2–2)Villone (0–2)Montgomery (9)11,62823–20L2
44June 13Royals1–3Haney (3–1)Torres (0–4)Montgomery (10)10,22323–21L3
45June 14Royals1–2Appier (9–2)Belcher (3–1)Montgomery (11)12,58523–22L4
46June 16Twins1–10Radke (3–6)Johnson (6–1)20,76223–23L5
47June 17Twins6–4Bosio (5–0)Trombley (0–2)Ayala (10)16,75124–23W1
48June 18Twins2–1Risley (1–0)Tapani (4–6)24,70725–23W2
49June 19@ White Sox6–8McCaskill (3–2)Fleming (1–5)Hernandez (11)22,40625–24L1
50June 20@ White Sox9–5Johnson (7–1)Alvarez (1–2)25,86826–24W1
51June 21@ White Sox4–5 (10)McCaskill (4–2)Risley (1–1)21,22826–25L1
52June 22@ White Sox3–2Torres (1–4)Abbott (3–3)Ayala (11)20,83627–25W1
53June 23Angels4–14Langston (6–1)Belcher (3–2)14,28227–26L1
54June 24Angels3–2Johnson (8–1)Finley (5–6)31,27528–26W1
55June 25Angels5–7Boskie (6–1)Bosio (5–1)Smith (19)14,32528–27L1
56June 26Angels7–3Torres (2–4)Anderson (1–1)18,12629–27W1
57June 27Athletics4–6Harkey (4–4)Belcher (3–3)Eckersley (16)9,76729–28L1
58June 28Athletics5–7Van Poppel (1–1)Nelson (3–1)15,16529–29L2
59June 29Athletics5–2Bosio (6–1)Arce (1–2)Ayala (12)13,70130–29W1
60June 30Rangers2–10Gross (3–7)Torres (2–5)12,13730–30L1
July: 13–14 (Home: 8–7; Away: 5–7)
61July 1Rangers2–0Belcher (4–3)Pavlik (4–4)Ayala (13)17,32331–30W1
62July 2Rangers4–3Ayala (2–1)Whiteside (2–2)19,40432–30W2
63July 3@ Tigers2–4D. Wells (7–3)Bosio (6–2)Henneman (15)23,78032–31L1
64July 4@ Tigers8–9Christopher (1–0)Ayala (2–2)20,18832–32L2
65July 5@ Tigers6–8Christopher (2–0)Carmona (1–3)Henneman (16)17,22432–33L3
66July 6@ Indians1–8Ogea (5–1)Belcher (4–4)41,66132–34L4
67July 7@ Indians5–3Johnson (9–1)Clark (4–3)41,74133–34W1
68July 8@ Indians3–7Nagy (7–4)Bosio (6–3)41,89333–35L1
69July 9@ Indians9–3Torres (3–5)Hershiser (5–4)41,89734–35W1
-July 1166th All-Star Game in Arlington, TX
70July 13Blue Jays1–4Cone (8–5)Belcher (4–5)Castillo (4)18,61634–36L1
71July 14Blue Jays1–5Guzman (3–5)Bosio (6–4)14,85034–37L2
72July 15Blue Jays3–0Johnson (10–1)Hentgen (6–7)36,03735–37W1
73July 16Blue Jays3–9Hurtado (1–0)Carmona (1–4)17,63235–38L1
74July 17Tigers10–6 (10)Ayala (3–2)Groom (1–3)14,35836–38W1
75July 18Tigers10–6Belcher (5–5)Lima (0–1)14,66737–38W2
76July 19@ Brewers6–7 (12)Wegman (3–3)Ayala (3–3)14,17537–39L1
77July 20@ Brewers4–2 (13)Krueger (1–0)McAndrew (0–1)21,21138–39W1
78July 21@ Blue Jays3–4Hurtado (2–0)Torres (3–6)Castillo (6)36,49038–40L1
79July 22@ Blue Jays7–2Belcher (6–5)Leiter (6–6)43,48339–40W1
80July 23@ Blue Jays6–4B. Wells (3–3)Cone (9–6)Ayala (14)39,16340–40W2
81July 24Brewers4–6Bones (6–7)Bosio (6–5)Fetters (13)10,49140–41L1
82July 25Brewers8–6Johnson (11–1)Karl (1–1)Ayala (15)13,42741–41W1
83July 26Brewers3–4Givens (2–2)Torres (3–7)Fetters (14)11,31541–42L1
84July 27Indians11–5Belcher (7–5)Ogea (5–3)20,12142–42W1
85July 28Indians5–6Plunk (5–1)Frey (0–4)Mesa (28)17,60942–43L1
86July 29Indians5–3Bosio (7–5)Embree (2–1)Ayala (16)43,87443–43W1
87July 30Indians2–5Hershiser (8–5)Torres (3–8)Mesa (29)24,08943–44L1
August: 16–13 (Home: 8–5; Away: 8–8)
88August 1@ Angels2–7Anderson (6–2)Johnson (11–2)22,07443–45L2
89August 2@ Angels4–5Harkey (6–6)Belcher (7–6)Smith (25)23,25343–46L3
90August 3@ Angels10–7Benes (5–7)Abbott (7–5)Charlton (1)34,67444–46W1
91August 4@ Athletics8–9Eckersley (3–4)Ayala (3–4)11,79444–47L1
92August 5@ Athletics15–9Wells (4–3)Briscoe (0–1)20,78745–47W1
93August 6@ Athletics15–8Krueger (2–0)Stottlemyre (9–4)20,36846–47W2
94August 7White Sox6–4Belcher (8–6)Alvarez (4–7)Charlton (2)18,85247–47W3
95August 8White Sox10–9Ayala (4–4)Hernandez (2–5)16,87548–47W4
96August 9White Sox11–8Bosio (8–5)Keyser (3–5)Ayala (17)16,40149–47W5
97August 11@ Royals2–1Johnson (12–2)Gubicza (8–10)Ayala (18)19,95550–47W6
98August 12@ Royals2–7Appier (12–7)Belcher (8–7)Meacham (1)20,57250–48L1
99August 13@ Royals3–6Gordon (8–7)Krueger (2–1)Montgomery (20)19,48950–49L2
100August 14@ Twins6–2Benes (6–7)Trombley (2–7)Nelson (2)16,63751–49W1
101August 15@ Twins6–7Munoz (1–0)Ayala (4–5)12,59551–50L1
102August 16@ Twins6–4Risley (2–1)Stevens (3–2)Ayala (19)13,42652–50W1
103August 17@ Athletics2–3Honeycutt (5–1)Charlton (2–6)10,19152–51L1
104August 18Red Sox9–3Wolcott (1–0)Wakefield (14–2)27,25653–51W1
105August 19Red Sox3–4Hanson (12–4)Benes (6–8)Aguilera (21)36,00753–52L1
106August 20Red Sox6–7Cormier (6–3)Bosio (8–6)Aguilera (22)21,81353–53L2
107August 21Orioles6–0Nelson (4–1)Benitez (1–5)32,52554–53W1
108August 22Orioles1–2Mussina (14–7)Belcher (8–8)Jones (20)13,63154–54L1
109August 23Orioles1–7Krivda (2–2)Wolcott (1–1)Benitez (2)14,93754–55L2
110August 24Yankees9–7Nelson (5–1)Wetteland (1–4)17,59255–55W1
111August 25Yankees7–4Bosio (9–6)Pettitte (6–8)28,13056–55W2
112August 26Yankees7–0Johnson (13–2)Hitchcock (6–9)41,18257–55W3
113August 27Yankees2–5Kamieniecki (4–5)Belcher (8–9)Wetteland (23)24,91357–56L1
114August 29@ Red Sox6–4Benes (7–8)Wakefield (14–3)Charlton (3)31,32858–56W1
115August 30@ Red Sox6–7Maddux (4–1)Nelson (5–2)Aguilera (26)32,35658–57L1
116August 31@ Red Sox11–2Wolcott (2–1)Cormier (6–5)Guetterman (1)30,62759–57W1
September: 19–8 (Home: 12–2; Away: 7–6)
117September 1@ Orioles4–3Belcher (9–9)Mussina (15–8)Charlton (4)43,44760–57W2
118September 2@ Orioles2–3Brown (7–8)Bosio (9–7)Jones (21)46,73160–58L1
119September 3@ Orioles9–6Carmona (2–4)Krivda (2–3)Charlton (5)46,26961–58W1
120September 4@ Yankees3–13Pettitte (8–8)Torres (3–9)24,85561–59L1
121September 5@ Yankees6–5Wolcott (3–1)Rivera (5–3)Charlton (6)15,34062–59W1
122September 6@ Yankees3–4McDowell (13–10)Belcher (9–10)15,42662–60L1
123September 7@ Indians1–4Nagy (13–5)Bosio (9–8)Mesa (39)41,45062–61L2
124September 8Royals4–1Johnson (14–2)Jacome (4–7)Charlton (7)19,35063–61W1
125September 9Royals6–2Benes (8–8)Gubicza (10–13)39,15764–61W2
126September 10Royals5–4Ayala (5–5)Olson (3–2)Charlton (8)18,06665–61W3
127September 11Twins10–12Mahomes (4–7)Nelson (5–3)Stevens (9)18,19365–62L1
128September 12Twins14–3Bosio (10–8)Rodriguez (5–6)Carmona (1)12,10266–62W1
129September 13Twins7–4Nelson (6–3)Mahomes (4–8)Charlton (9)16,46967–62W2
130September 15@ White Sox3–2Benes (9–8)Bere (7–13)Charlton (10)19,10068–62W3
131September 16@ White Sox5–3Belcher (10–10)Karchner (3–2)Charlton (11)26,07369–62W4
132September 17@ White Sox1–2McCaskill (5–4)Wolcott (3–2)Hernandez (30)21,91369–63L1
133September 18Rangers8–1Johnson (15–2)Witt (5–10)29,51570–63W1
134September 19Rangers5–4 (11)Charlton (3–6)McDowell (6–4)20,41071–63W2
135September 20Rangers11–3Benes (10–8)Tewksbury (8–7)26,52472–63W3
136September 22Athletics10–7Nelson (7–3)Corsi (2–4)Charlton (12)51,50073–63W4
137September 23Athletics7–0Johnson (16–2)Johns (5–2)54,58974–63W5
138September 24Athletics9–8Charlton (4–6)Eckersley (4–6)46,71475–63W6
139September 26Angels10–2Benes (11–8)Boskie (7–7)46,93576–63W7
140September 27Angels0–2Finley (14–12)Belcher (10–11)Smith (35)50,21276–64L1
141September 28@ Rangers6–2Johnson (17–2)Pavlik (10–10)Charlton (13)21,50277–64W1
142September 29@ Rangers4–3Ayala (6–5)Vosberg (5–5)Charlton (14)25,33678–64W2
143September 30@ Rangers2–9Gross (9–15)Benes (11–9)33,79278–65L1
October: 1–1 (Home: 1–0; Away: 0–1)
144October 1@ Rangers3–9Rogers (17–7)Belcher (10–12)Whiteside (3)25,71478–66L2
145October 2Angels9–1Johnson (18–2)Langston (15–7)52,35679–66W1
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement
Bold = Mariners team member


1995 Postseason Game Log (5–6) (Home: 4–2; Away: 1–4)
American League Division Series: 3–2 (Home: 3–0; Away 0–2)
1October 3@ YankeesYankee Stadium6–9Cone (1–0)Nelson (0–1)57,1780–1
2October 4@ YankeesYankee Stadium5–7 (15)Rivera (1–0)Belcher (0–1)57,1260–2
3October 6YankeesKingdome7–4Johnson (1–0)McDowell (0–1)Charlton (1)57,9441–2
4October 7YankeesKingdome11–8Charlton (1–0)Wetteland (0–1)Risley (1)57,1802–2
5October 8YankeesKingdome6–5 (11)Johnson (2–0)McDowell (0–2)57,4113–2
American League Championship Series: 2–4 (Home: 1–2; Away 1–2)
1October 10IndiansKingdome3–2Wolcott (1–0)Martinez (0–1)Charlton (1)57,0651–0
2October 11IndiansKingdome2–5Hershiser (1–0)Belcher (0–1)58,1441–1
3October 13@ IndiansJacobs Field5–2 (11)Charlton (1–0)Tavarez (0–1)43,6432–1
4October 14@ IndiansJacobs Field0–7Hill (1–0)Benes (0–1)43,6862–2
5October 15@ IndiansJacobs Field2–3Hershiser (2–0)Bosio (0–1)Mesa (1)43,6072–3
6October 17IndiansKingdome0–4Martinez (1–1)Johnson (0–1)58,4892–4

Player stats

= Indicates team leader

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CDan Wilson119399111.278951
1BTino Martinez141519152.29331111
2BJoey Cora120427127.297339
3BMike Blowers134439113.2572396
SSLuis Sojo10233998.289739
LFVince Coleman4016247.29019
CFKen Griffey Jr.7226067.2581742
RFJay Buhner126470123.26240121
DHEdgar Martínez145511182.35629113

Other batters

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
OFAlex Diaz10327067.248327
OFRich Amaral9023067.282219
SSFélix Fermín7320039.195015
3B/PHDoug Strange7415542.271221
OFDarren Bragg5214534.234312
SSAlex Rodriguez4814233.232519
LFMarc Newfield248516.188314
CChad Kreuter267517.22718
LFWarren Newson337221.29226
UTChris Widger23459.20012
OFGary Thurman13258.32003
1BGreg Pirkl10174.23500
2BArquimedez Pozo110.00000

Starting pitchers

Note: GS = Games started; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Randy Johnson30214.11822.48294
Tim Belcher28179.110124.5296
Chris Bosio31170.01084.9285
Salomón Torres1372.0386.0045
Andy Benes1263.0724.5245
Bob Wolcott736.2324.4219
Tim Davis524.0216.3819

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Bob Wells3076.2435.7538
Dave Fleming1648.0157.5026
Rafael Carmona1547.2245.6628
Bill Krueger620.0215.8510
Jim Converse611.0037.369

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts; SV = Saves

Bobby Ayala6371.0654.447719
Jeff Nelson6278.2732.17962
Bill Risley4560.1213.13651
Norm Charlton3047.2211.515814
Lee Guetterman2317.0006.88111
Ron Villone1919.1027.91260
Steve Frey1311.1034.7670
John Cummings45.10011.8140
Scott Davison34.1006.2330
Jim Mecir24.2000.0030
Kevin King23.20012.2730
Tim Harikkala13.10016.2010


1Seattle 6, New York 9October 3, 1995
2Seattle 5, New York 7October 4, 1995
3New York 4, Seattle 7October 6, 1995
4New York 8, Seattle 11October 7, 1995
5New York 5, Seattle 6October 8, 1995


1Cleveland 2, Seattle 3October 10, 1995
2Cleveland 5, Seattle 2October 11, 1995
3Seattle 5, Cleveland 2October 13, 1995
4Seattle 0, Cleveland 7October 14, 1995
5Seattle 2, Cleveland 3October 15, 1995
6Cleveland 4, Seattle 0October 17, 1995

Awards and honors

The Mariners' ALDS run is the subject of the song, My Oh My, by Seattle-based rapper, Macklemore.[26]

Chicago-based band Coping has a song titled "'95 Mariners."

In July 2019, the MLB Network released MLB Network Presents: The 1995 Mariners, Saving Baseball in Seattle.[27]

See also

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Tacoma Rainiers Pacific Coast League Steve Smith
AA Port City Roosters Southern League Dave Myers
A Riverside Pilots California League Dave Brundage
A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Midwest League Mike Goff
A-Short Season Everett AquaSox Northwest League Orlando Gómez
Rookie AZL Mariners Arizona League Tom LeVasseur


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