Protect your clock during transport to keep it ticking

It’s time to make the big move to greener pastures, but how are you going to transport mom’s grandfather clock? Tall case clocks, or grandfather clocks, are intricate mechanisms that need to be handled with care—you can’t just throw them in the back of a car. Hiring a mover is usually recommended for items like this, but by following these steps you can safely do it yourself (with the help of a few friends). Keep reading to learn exactly how to move a grandfather clock.

Things You Should Know

  • Start by taking out the glass panels, unhooking the weights, and taping the cables together.
  • Stop the pendulum from moving and unhook it from the top of the clock, then lift out the internal mechanisms and the dial.
  • Wrap everything in bubble wrap and put the clock in a shipping crate. Move the clock with a dolly and be sure to keep it upright during transport.

Take out the glass panels.

  1. If your clock is glassed in, carefully take off the panels by reaching through the front of the clock and twisting the knobs on the sides of the glass. With one hand on the inside and one on the outside, push the bottom of the panel into the clock and then take it out diagonally.[1]
    • Wrap the panels in bubble wrap and put them into a thin box.
    • If your clock doesn’t have glass, open the access panels on the top of each side or slide off the hood surrounding the dial.[2]
    • Wear gloves when taking apart the clock to keep it safe and fingerprint free.[3]
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Label and remove the weights.

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