Learn how to harness the power of red candles for spells and rituals

In candle magick, red candles signify power, passion, sex, courage, and victory, so if you’re in need of any of these traits, performing a spell with red candles may do the trick! Keep reading for the lowdown on red candle magick, including what red candles mean, when to light them, and how to pair them with other colored candles for the most effective and efficient spellcasting.

Things You Should Know

  • Red candles signify passion, power, sex, courage, and victory. Lighting a red candle may boost these traits.
  • Light a red candle on a Tuesday for best results, as Tuesday is the day associated with Mars, the god of war.
  • To perform a spell, dress your candle in oil, recite what you want to manifest, then light the candle. Watch the flame to see if the spell was successful or not.
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What do red candles mean?

  1. Lighting a red candle is believed to increase your lust, fertility, and sexual potency, make you more confident, enhance your masculine energy, attract sexual partners, and boost your stamina and physical strength.[1]
    • Because red is also associated with anger and aggression, red candles may also bring forth these more negative energies.
    • Did You Know? The word RED, when converted to numerical format, is 18/9. This is the same as the word LOVE (also 18/9). The heart, which is depicted with the color red because of the blood running through it, is associated with love. The heart is symbolic of love, hence its connection to the color red.
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How to Do Spells with Red Candles

  1. Rub oil on the candle from bottom to top to expel anything you don’t want (say, fear or a feeling of powerlessness). Rub oil from top to bottom to attract what you do want (like courage or sexual prowess). Any oil you’ve got around the house will do, like jojoba or essential oil.
  2. Put into words what you want to manifest—for instance, “I want to be more confident” or “I want a flaming hot sex life.” Visualize your ideal outcome. Then, light the candle.
  3. Watch the candle’s aura—the shapes the flame makes as it moves—to figure out if the ritual worked or not:
    • If the flame is tall, the ritual is a success.
    • If the flame pops or sizzles, it could mean a spirit from the beyond is trying to communicate with you. What “words” do the pops and crackles sound like? Try to make them out, and don’t overthink it.
    • If the candle refuses to light, there could be negative forces interfering with your spell, and you may need to try again later.
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Can I combine a red candle with other colors?

  1. Adding other colored candles to your ritual may help clarify and strengthen your vision. For instance, if your goal is to cast a love spell, pair your red candle with a pink one, since pink symbolizes romance.[2] Popular colors include:
    • Purple: spirituality, wisdom, and intuition
    • Pink: self-love, femininity, romance, kindness, friendship
    • Blue: calm, forgiveness, inner peace, clarity
    • Orange: joy, fun, success, excitement, stamina
    • Yellow: clarity, power, creativity, positivity, confidence
    • Green: luck, prosperity, wealth, fertility, personal growth
    • Black: protection, stability, strength, releasing negative energy
      • Pairing a black candle with a red candle may neutralize any anger, aggression, or other negative energies a red candle may bring forth.
    • White: peace, hope, protection, positive energy, purification
    • Brown: stability, security, balance, material needs

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