Herbs are some of the best edible plants to grow indoors: they’re aromatic, delicious, and easy to care for. In this video, Plant Specialist Monique Capanelli reveals which herbs grow best inside, and how to keep them harvestable year-round.

Key Takeaways

  • Rosemary, basil, thyme, and oregano are all easy indoor herbs you can grow.
  • Place your herbs in an eastern- or southern-facing window where they’ll get lots of natural light.
  • Water and fertilize your herbs frequently, especially during the growing season.

Video Transcript

Inside herbs are great. They are usually very easy to grow. Rosemary of course. Basil. Thyme is a very tough interior plant. And oregano. These plants though remember if you're going to grow inside, they need a lot of natural light. So put them in an Eastern-facing window or even a southern-facing window. They're going to need more light than you might think. And more water than you might think. Pretty much all edibles are going to be that way. So water frequently and also fertilize frequently as you take cuttings off of them and also as the growing season is more demanding. For example, in spring or in fall.