University of California Natural Reserve System

The University of California Natural Reserve System (UCNRS) is a system of protected areas throughout California.[1]

Bodega Marine Lab, Bodega Marine Reserve

List of reserves

Reserve Campus Area (ha) Area (Acre) Coordinates Web Notes
Angelo Coast Range ReserveBerkeley3,1667,91539°43′45″N 123°38′40″W[2]On the South Fork of the Eel River.
Protected by The Nature Conservancy (TNC).
Año Nuevo Island ReserveSanta Cruz102537°6′30″N 122°20′10″W[3]On Año Nuevo Island.
UC manages site within the larger Año Nuevo State Reserve, owned and operated by California State Parks.
Blue Oak Ranch ReserveBerkeley1,3193,26037°22′53″N 121°44′14″W[4]In the Diablo Range, northwest of Mount Hamilton.
Bodega Marine ReserveDavis17643638°18′25″N 123°3′54″W[5]On Bodega Bay.
Box Springs ReserveRiverside6516033°59′31″N 117°17′43″W[6]Adjacent to the Riverside campus.
Philip L. Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research CenterRiverside6,74916,87333°35′N 116°20′W[7]In the Santa Rosa Mountains, near Palm Desert.
Burns Piñon Ridge ReserveIrvine12430634°8′20″N 116°27′10″W[8]In the Mojave Desert, near Joshua Tree National Park.
Carpinteria Salt Marsh ReserveSanta Barbara9323034°24′N 119°31′W[9]In Carpinteria.
Chickering American River ReserveBerkeley6951,72039°14′48″N 120°19′31″W[10]In the headwaters basin of the North Fork of the American River, Sierra Nevada.
Coal Oil Point Natural ReserveSanta Barbara6817034°25′N 119°52′W[11]Adjacent to the Santa Barbara campus. Coal Oil Point seep field is offshore.
Dawson Los Monos Canyon ReserveSan Diego9323033°8′30″N 117°15′20″W[12]In the northwestern Laguna Mountains.
Elliott Chaparral ReserveSan Diego4310732°52′6″N 117°8′33″W[13]At former Camp Kearny, on the Kearny Mesa.
Emerson Oaks ReserveRiverside10225533°28′N 117°2′W[14]In the Temecula Valley, southern Riverside County.
Protected by TNC.
Fort Ord Natural ReserveSanta Cruz24260636°40′N 121°46′W[15]At the former Fort Ord, near Monterey Bay.
Hastings Natural History ReservationBerkeley9322,39236°12′30″N 121°33′30″W[16]In the Santa Lucia Mountains, upper Carmel Valley.
James San Jacinto Mountains ReserveRiverside122933°48′30″N 116°46′40″W[17]In the San Jacinto Mountains.
Satellite site Oasis de los Osos (west end of the Coachella Valley) protected by TNC.
Jenny Pygmy Forest ReserveBerkeley287039°17′N 123°45′W[18]Above the coast in Mendocino County.
Protected by TNC.
Jepson Prairie ReserveDavis6341,56638°16′N 121°49′W[19]In the Central Valley.
Protected by TNC and the Solano Land Trust.
Kendall-Frost Mission Bay Marsh ReserveSan Diego71632°47′N 117°13′W[20]On Mission Bay.
Kenneth S. Norris Rancho Marino ReserveSanta Barbara20050035°31′41″N 121°4′35″W[21]In the Santa Lucia Mountains, near Cambria.
Landels-Hill Big Creek ReserveSanta Cruz1,5843,91136°4′N 121°35′W[22]In the Santa Lucia Mountains, along the Big Sur coast.
TNC involved in the protection of this site.
McLaughlin Natural ReserveDavis2,8007,05038°52′N 122°24′W[23]Within the Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area.
Merced Vernal Pools and Grassland Reserve Merced 2601 6,428 37.3753°N 120.413°W / 37.3753; -120.413 (Merced Vernal Pools and Grassland Reserve) [24] Next to the UC Merced campus
Motte Rimrock ReserveRiverside28971533°48′45″N 117°15′30″W[25]In western Perris Valley, Peninsular Ranges.
Quail Ridge ReserveDavis7841,93738°28′59″N 122°8′58″W[26]Near the Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area. QuRiNet deployed here.
Sagehen Creek Field StationBerkeley18345239°25′57″N 120°14′13″W[27]In the Northern Sierra Nevada, north of Lake Tahoe.
Operated by the University of California under a long-term special-use permit from the U.S. Forest Service.
San Joaquin Marsh ReserveIrvine8220233°39′30″N 117°51′30″W[28]Upper Newport Bay.
Santa Cruz Island ReserveSanta Barbara18,62446,02034°0′N 119°44′W[29]Santa Cruz Island.
Protected, owned, and managed by TNC.
Scripps Coastal ReserveSan Diego34284432°52′30″N 117°15′15″W[30]Adjacent to the UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
Sedgwick ReserveSanta Barbara2,3585,89634°42′N 120°1′W[31]In the Santa Ynez Valley and the foothills of the San Rafael Mountains.
Sierra Nevada Research Station—Yosemite Field StationMerced37°32′23″N 119°39′29″W[32]Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada.
Stebbins Cold Canyon ReserveDavis23358338°30′32″N 122°5′50″W[33]Within the Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area.
Steele Burnand Anza-Borrego Desert Research CenterIrvine248,882615,00033°14′N 116°23′W[34]An agreement with Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and the Anza-Borrego Foundation makes the park, which is managed by California State Parks, available to field station users.
Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains ReserveLos Angeles12631034°6′N 118°39′W[35]In Los Angeles County, within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research CenterRiverside3,6009,00034°48′20″N 115°39′50″W[36]In the Granite Mountains, within the Mojave National Preserve.
Valentine Eastern Sierra ReserveSanta Barbara8720537°37′30″N 118°59′30″W[37]In the high Sierra Nevada and the upper Owens Valley.
Includes Valentine Camp and the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (SNARL).
White Mountain Research CenterLos Angeles184537°21′41″N 118°19′36″W[38]Five research facilities ranging from the Owens Valley to the highest point of the White-Inyo Mountains east of the town of Bishop.
Younger Lagoon ReserveSanta Cruz102636°57′3″N 122°3′57″W[39]The northwest edge of Monterey Bay on the west side of the city of Santa Cruz.


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