Shire of Burdekin

The Shire of Burdekin is a local government area located in North Queensland, Australia in the Dry Tropics region. The district is located between Townsville and Bowen in the delta of the Burdekin River.

Shire of Burdekin
Location within Queensland
Population17,077 (2018)[1]
 • Density3.3856/km2 (8.7687/sq mi)
Area5,044 km2 (1,947.5 sq mi)[1]
MayorLyn McLaughlin
Council seatAyr
RegionNorth Queensland
State electorate(s)Burdekin
Federal division(s)Dawson, Kennedy
WebsiteShire of Burdekin
LGAs around Shire of Burdekin:
City of Townsville Coral Sea Coral Sea
City of Townsville Shire of Burdekin Coral Sea
Charters Towers Charters Towers Whitsunday

It covers an area of 5,044 square kilometres (1,947.5 sq mi), and has existed as a local government entity since 1888.


Yuru (also known as Juru, Euronbba, Juru, Mal Mal, Malmal) is an Australian Aboriginal language spoken on Yuru country. The Yuru language region includes the landscape within the local government boundaries of the Shire of Burdekin, including the town of Home Hill.[2]

Map of Ayr Division and its adjacent local government areas, March 1902

On 16 January 1888, the Ayr Division was created out of Subdivision 3 of the Thuringowa Division in 1888 under the Divisional Boards Act 1887.[3]

With the passage of the Local Authorities Act 1902, Ayr Division became the Shire of Ayr on 31 March 1903.[4]

On 12 June 1982, the Shire of Ayr was renamed the Shire of Burdekin, a change long desired by the residents of Home Hill.[4][5]

Council members were elected to represent different divisions within the shire until the election of March 1994 at which all council members are elected by all shire residents. The title of Mayor replaced the former title of Shire Chairman and the title of Shire Clerk was replaced by Chief Executive Officer from that same election.[5]

New shire chambers were opened on 9 October 1999. The cost was $2.8 million.[5]

From 2000, council elections were held every four years to elect a mayor and ten councillors. From 2008, this was reduced to a mayor and six councillors.[5]


The public library headquarters of the Burdekin Shire Council Library Services is located at 108 Graham Street, Ayr.[6] The Burdekin Shire also operate a public library in Home Hill at 77-79 Ninth Avenue.[7] Both libraries opened in 1984.[8]

Towns and localities

The Shire of Burdekin includes the following settlements:


Year Population

Chairmen and mayors

Dates Chairman / Mayors Notes
1896 James Henry Rae [9]
1888 Charles Young [10]
1896 J. H. Rae [11]
1927 Herbert Barsby [12]
1952-1970 E.W. Ford [5]
1970-1976 R. W. Rossiter [5]
1976-1982 F.J. Mills [5]
1982-1991 J.W. Trace [5]
1991-1994 E.N. Honeycombe [5]
1994-2004 John F. Woods First to use the title "Mayor"[5][13]
2004-2012 Lynette Angela (Lyn) McLaughlin [5][14]
2012-2016 William Charles (Bill) Lowis [5]
2016–present Lynette Angela (Lyn) McLaughlin [15][16]


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