Sam Sing Kung Temple

Sam Sing Kung Temple (Chinese: 三聖宮) (also known as the Three Saints Temple) is a Chinese temple in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia. Built in 1887, the temple is the third oldest temple in Sandakan, after Goddess of Mercy Temple and Tam Kung Temple.[1][2] It is part of the Sandakan Heritage Trail.

Sam Sing Kung Temple
Malay: Tokong Sam Sing Kung
Chinese: 三聖宮
Sam Sing Kung Temple
DistrictSandakan District
Geographic coordinates5°50′26.88″N 118°6′51.48″E
TypeChinese temple
Date establishedunknown


The temple was built in 1887, and has undergone several recent renovations.[1] The temple was originally established as a religious centre for Chinese migrants who had arrived from Guangdong, Qing Dynasty. It was built by Chinese communities of Cantonese, Teochew, Hakkas and the Hainanese people.[3] The temple are also called as "Three Saints Temple" with the three saints refers to:[1][3][4]

The temple is known as a place for Chinese devotees to come for blessing and divination.[1]


The temple has a collection of 100 pre-printed Taoist Divination Poems. Its bronze bell was donated by the first Kapitan Cina of Sandakan, known as Fung Ming Shan. Ming Shan was appointed by the British rulers in 1887 to manage and oversee the Chinese community in the town.[1][3]


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