List of volcanoes in India

This is a list of active, dormant and extinct volcanoes in India.

NameElevationLocationLast eruptionType
Barren Island354116112.278°N 93.858°E / 12.278; 93.858Andaman IslandsActive since 2021Stratovolcano, Active
Narcondam710232913.43°N 94.28°E / 13.43; 94.28Andaman Islands1681Stratovolcano, Dormant
Deccan Plateau1500492018.51°N 73.43°E / 18.51; 73.43Central India25 Mya(Million years ago)caldera
Baratang Island532174512.07°N 92.47°E / 12.07; 92.47Andaman IslandsActive since 2003Mud volcanoes, Active
Dhinodhar Hills3861266.4 23.45°N 69.34°E / 23.45; 69.34Gujarat500 Mya (Million years ago)Extinct
Dhosi Hill740242728.06°N 76.03°E / 28.06; 76.03Haryana750 Mya (Million years ago)Extinct
Tosham Hills20767928.88°N 75.92°E / 28.88; 75.92Haryana732 Mya (Million years ago)Extinct
Loktak Lake7682519.04 24.45°N 93.47°E / 24.45; 93.47Manipur100 Mya (Million years ago)Supervolcanic caldera, status unknown

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