List of cities and towns in Papua New Guinea

This is a list of cities, towns, and villages in Papua New Guinea.

Map of Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea's three cities are Lae, Mount Hagen, and Port Moresby. The other settlements in the following list are towns and villages.

City/Town/Village District Province
AbauAbau DistrictCentral
Adumo Eastern Highlands
Agaun Milne Bay
Aiambak Western
AitapeAitape-Lumi DistrictSandaun (West Sepik)
AlekanoGahukuEastern Highlands
Alexishafen Madang
AlotauAlotau DistrictMilne Bay
AmbuntiAmbunti-Dreikikir DistrictEast Sepik
AngoramAngoram DistrictEast Sepik
ArawaCentral Bougainville DistrictBougainville (North Solomons)
AsaroDaulo DistrictEastern Highlands
Awaba Western
BaimuruKikori DistrictGulf
BaiyerMul-Baiyer DistrictWestern Highlands
BalimoMiddle Fly DistrictWestern
BanzNorth Waghi DistrictWestern Highlands
Benabena Eastern Highlands
BennaUnggai-Benna DistrictEastern Highlands
Bensbach Western
BereinaKairuku-Hiri DistrictCentral
BoanaNawae DistrictMorobe
BogiaBogia DistrictMadang
Boridi Central
Bosset Western
BuinSouth Bougainville DistrictBougainville (North Solomons)
BukaNorth Bougainville DistrictBougainville (North Solomons)
BuloloBulolo DistrictMorobe
Buna Oro (Northern)
ChuaveChuave DistrictSimbu (Chimbu)
DaguaWewak DistrictEast Sepik
DaruSouth Fly DistrictWestern
DeiDei DistrictWestern Highlands
Efogi Central
FergusonEsa'ala DistrictMilne Bay
FinschhafenFinschhafen DistrictMorobe
GagiduFinschhafen DistrictMorobe
GasmataKandrian-Gloucester DistrictWest New Britain
Gona Oro (Northern)
GorokaGoroka DistrictEastern Highlands
GumineGumine DistrictSimbu (Chimbu)
Gusap Morobe
HenganofiHenganofi DistrictEastern Highlands
HogimiyauGoroka DistrictEastern Highlands
HoskinsTalasea DistrictWest New Britain
HulaAbau DistrictCentral
IalibuIalibu-Pangia DistrictSouthern Highlands
IhuKikori DistrictGulf
ImbongguImbonggu DistrictSouthern Highlands
Itokama Oro (Northern)
KabwumKabwum DistrictMorobe
Kagi Central
KaguaKagua-Erave DistrictSouthern Highlands
KaiapitMarkham DistrictMorobe
KainantuKainantu DistrictEastern Highlands
Kamusi Gulf
KandepKandep DistrictEnga
KandrianKandrian-Gloucester DistrictWest New Britain
KarimuiKarimui-Nomane DistrictSimbu (Chimbu)
KarkarSumkar DistrictMadang
KaviengKavieng DistrictNew Ireland
Kelanoa Morobe
KeremaKerema DistrictGulf
KerevatGazelle DistrictEast New Britain
KerowagiKerowagi DistrictSimbu (Chimbu)
KietaCentral Bougainville DistrictBougainville (North Solomons)
KikoriKikori DistrictGulf
KimbeTalasea DistrictWest New Britain
KiriwinaKiriwini-Goodenough DistrictMilne Bay
KiungaNorth Fly DistrictWestern
KokodaSohe DistrictOro (Northern)
KokopoKokopo DistrictEast New Britain
KompiamKompiam DistrictEnga
KopiagoKoroba-Kopiago DistrictSouthern Highlands
Krisa Sandaun (West Sepik)
Kunaye (Lihir Island) New Ireland
KundiawaKundiawa-Gembogl DistrictSimbu (Chimbu)
KwikilaRigo DistrictCentral
LaeLae DistrictMorobe
LagaipLagaip-Porgera DistrictEnga
Lake MurrayMiddle Fly DistrictWestern
LamariObura-Wonenara DistrictEastern Highlands
Lido Sandaun (West Sepik)
Londolovit (Lihir Island) New Ireland
LorengauManus DistrictManus
Losuia (Kiriwina Island)Kiriwini-Goodenough DistrictMilne Bay
LufaLufa DistrictEastern Highlands
Lusik Madang
MadangMadang DistrictMadang
MagarimaKomo-Magarima DistrictSouthern Highlands
Manari Central
Manguna East New Britain
Manki Morobe
MaprikMaprik DistrictEast Sepik
MarienbergAngoram DistrictEast Sepik
MediburBogia DistrictMadang
MendiMendi-Munihu DistrictSouthern Highlands
MenyamyaMenyamya DistrictMorobe
MinjAnglimp-South Waghi DistrictWestern Highlands
Moro Southern Highlands
Mount HagenMount Hagen DistrictWestern Highlands
MuruaSamarai-Murua DistrictMilne Bay
Nadzab Morobe
NamatanaiNamatanai DistrictNew Ireland
NebilyerTambul-Nebilyer DistrictWestern Highlands
NingerumNorth Fly DistrictWestern
NipaNipa-Kutubu DistrictSouthern Highlands
NukuNuku DistrictSandaun (West Sepik)
Obo Western
OkapaOkapa DistrictEastern Highlands
OlsobipNorth Fly DistrictWestern
Ononge Central
Panguna Bougainville (North Solomons)
Pasi Sandaun (West Sepik)
PingiripMendi-Munihu DistrictSouthern Highlands Province
PomioPomio DistrictEast New Britain
Pongani Oro (Northern)
PopondettaIjivitari DistrictOro (Northern)
PorgeraLagaip-Porgera DistrictEnga
Port MoresbyNational Capital DistrictNational Capital District
RabaulRabaul DistrictEast New Britain
Rai CoastRai Coast DistrictMadang
SaidorRai Coast DistrictMadang
SalamauaHuon DistrictMorobe
Salamo Milne Bay
SamaraiSamarai-Murua DistrictMilne Bay
Samberigi Southern Highlands
Sanananda Oro (Northern)
SangaraSohe DistrictOro (Northern)
Sasereme Gulf
SialumTewae-Siassi DistrictMorobe
SimbaiMiddle Ramu DistrictMadang
Sio Morobe
Soputa Oro (Northern)
Suki Western
TabibugaJimi DistrictWestern Highlands
TabubilNorth Fly DistrictWestern
Tadji Sandaun (West Sepik)
TapiniGoilala DistrictCentral
TalaseaTalasea DistrictWest New Britain
TariTari-Pori DistrictSouthern Highlands
TelefominTelefomin DistrictSandaun (West Sepik)
TorokinaSouth Bougainville DistrictBougainville (North Solomons)
Tsili Tsili Morobe
Tufi Oro (Northern)
Ukarumpa Eastern Highlands
UsinoUsino Bundi DistrictMadang
VanimoVanimo-Green River DistrictSandaun (West Sepik)
Vivigani (Goodenough Is.)Kiriwini-Goodenough DistrictMilne Bay
WabagWabag DistrictEnga
Wabo Gulf
WamiraRabarabaMilne Bay
Wanigela Oro (Northern)
WapenamandaKandep DistrictEnga
WasuTewae-Siassi DistrictMorobe
WauBulolo DistrictMorobe
WewakWewak DistrictEast Sepik
WipimSouth Fly DistrictWestern
WoitapeGoilala DistrictCentral
WoseraWosera-Gawi DistrictEast Sepik
YangoruYangoru-Saussia DistrictEast Sepik
YonggomuglSina Sina-Yonggomugl DistrictSimbu (Chimbu)

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