Chief Minister of the Isle of Man

The Chief Minister (Manx: Ard-shirveishagh) is the executive head of the Isle of Man Government.

Chief Minister of the Isle of Man
Alfred Cannan
since 12 October 2021
Cabinet Office
StyleThe Honourable
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
AppointerLieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man
Term length5 years
FormationDecember 1986
First holderMiles Walker

The office derives from that of Chairman of the Executive Council. Before 1980 the Executive Council was chaired by the Lieutenant Governor, but thereafter the chairman was elected by Tynwald, the parliament of the Isle of Man.[1] The title was changed to "Chief Minister" in 1986.[2]

The Chief Minister is appointed by the Lieutenant Governor on the nomination of the House of Keys (formerly the nomination of Tynwald) after a general election for the House of Keys. He holds office until the next general election (i.e. normally for five years) and is eligible for re-appointment, but may be removed from office by simple majority in Tynwald on a vote of no confidence in the Council of Ministers.[3]

The incumbent Chief Minister is Alfred Cannan, who has held the office since 12 October 2021.

List of officeholders

Chairmen of the Executive Council

No. Portrait Name
Term Party
  1 Sir Charles Kerruish
19611967 Independent
  2 Norman Crowe
19671971 Independent
  3 Percy Radcliffe
19711977 Independent
  4 Clifford Irving
19771981 Independent
  (3) Percy Radcliffe
19811985 Independent
  5 Lt Col Dr Edgar Mann
19851986 Independent

Chief Ministers

No. Portrait Name
Term Party Election Ref(s)
  1 Sir Miles Walker
(born 1940)
MHK for Rushen
3 December 1986

3 December 1996
Independent 1986  
  2 Donald Gelling
(born 1938)
MHK for Malew and Santon
3 December 1996

4 December 2001
Independent 1996  
  3 Richard Corkill
(born 1951)
MHK for Onchan
4 December 2001

14 December 2004
Independent 2001  
  Allan Bell[lower-alpha 1]
(born 1947)
MHK for Ramsey
14 December 2004 Independent  
  (2) Donald Gelling
(born 1938)
MHK for Malew and Santon
14 December 2004

14 December 2006
Independent 2004  
  4 Tony Brown
(born 1950)
MHK for Castletown
14 December 2006

11 October 2011
Independent 2006  
  5 Allan Bell
(born 1947)
MHK for Ramsey
11 October 2011

4 October 2016
Independent 2011  
  6 Howard Quayle
(born 1967)
MHK for Middle
4 October 2016

12 October 2021
Independent 2016 [4]
  7 Alfred Cannan
(born 1968)
MHK for Ayre & Michael
12 October 2021

Independent 2021 [5]


This is a graphical lifespan timeline of Chief Ministers of the Isle of Man. Twelve people have served as Chief Minister of the Isle of Man since 1961. They are listed in order of office (Radcliffe, Gelling, and Bell are shown in order of their first terms).

Alfred CannanHoward Quayle

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  1. Caretaker as Chairman of the Council of Ministers.


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