Apple seed oil

Apple seed oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing apple seeds. It is used in manufacturing cosmetics.[1]

Cross section of an apple, showing seeds from which apple seed oil is produced.

Apple seed oil contains protein (about 34%).[2] Apple seed oil may be used as an edible oil, with the oil cake being used to supplement animal feed.[2]

Apple seed oil has a relatively high iodine value and because of this it is used in the production of alkyd resins, shoe polish and varnish.[1]

Fatty acid profile

Apple seed oils consist of predominantly unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid (50.7-51.4%), oleic acid (37.49-38.55%). Saturated fatty acids present in apple seed oil are palmitic acid (6.51-6.60%), stearic acid (1.75-1.96%) and arachidic acid (1.49-1.54%).[3]

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