1985 Major League Baseball draft

1985 Major League Baseball draft
General information
Date(s)June 1985
832 total selections
First selectionB. J. Surhoff
Milwaukee Brewers
First round selections28

First round draft picks

The following are the first round picks in the 1985 Major League Baseball draft.[1]

= All-Star = Baseball Hall of Famer
Pick Player Team Position Hometown/School
1 B.J. Surhoff Milwaukee Brewers C University of North Carolina
2 Will Clark San Francisco Giants 1B Mississippi State University
3 Bobby Witt Texas Rangers RHP University of Oklahoma
4 Barry Larkin Cincinnati Reds SS University of Michigan
5 Kurt Brown Chicago White Sox C Glendora, California
6 Barry Bonds Pittsburgh Pirates OF Arizona State University
7 Mike Campbell Seattle Mariners RHP University of Hawaii
8 Pete Incaviglia Montreal Expos OF Oklahoma State University
9 Mike Poehl Cleveland Indians RHP University of Texas at Austin
10 Chris Gwynn Los Angeles Dodgers OF San Diego State University
11 Walt Weiss Oakland Athletics SS University of North Carolina
12 Cameron Drew Houston Astros OF University of New Haven
13 Jeff Bumgarner Minnesota Twins RHP Richland, Washington
14 Tommy Greene Atlanta Braves RHP Whiteville, North Carolina
15 Willie Fraser California Angels RHP Concordia College
16 Trey McCall Philadelphia Phillies C Abingdon, Virginia
17 Brian McRae Kansas City Royals SS Bradenton, Florida
18 Joe Magrane St. Louis Cardinals LHP University of Arizona
19 Mike Cook California Angels RHP University of South Carolina
20 Gregg Jefferies New York Mets SS Millbrae, California
21 Dan Gabriele Boston Red Sox RHP Walled Lake, Michigan
22 Rafael Palmeiro Chicago Cubs OF Mississippi State University
23 Joey Cora San Diego Padres SS Vanderbilt University
24 Dave Masters Chicago Cubs RHP University of California
25 Greg David Toronto Blue Jays OF Naples, Florida
26 Randy Nosek Detroit Tigers RHP Chillicothe, Missouri

Supplemental First Round Selections

Pick Player Team Position Hometown/School
27 Bill McGuire Seattle Mariners C University of Nebraska–Lincoln
28 Rick Balabon New York Yankees RHP Berwyn, Pennsylvania



Six of the first eight draft picks from the June regular phase had at least one full year of major league experience prior to the start of the 1987 season. Included in that list were B.J. Surhoff (Milwaukee), the draft's number one pick, Will Clark (San Francisco), Bobby Witt (Texas), Barry Larkin (Cincinnati), Pete Incaviglia (Montreal) and Barry Bonds (Pittsburgh).

Incaviglia was selected eighth overall by the Expos, but was unable to reach a contract and was traded to Texas. He made his major league debut on Opening Day 1986 as the Rangers' left fielder, becoming just the 15th drafted player to go directly to the majors.[3]

As of 2017, this year's draft class has accumulated the highest Baseball-Reference Wins Above Replacement total of any class in the draft's history.[4]

Other notable players

† All-Star
‡ Hall of Famer

NFL/NBA players drafted


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