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Soft, elegant, and romantic, peach roses are the perfect alternative to red or purple roses. They usually represent gratitude and sincerity, but they can also signify modesty, loyalty, sympathy, and affection. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about peach roses, including their symbolism and when to give them as gifts. We’ll also touch on popular peach rose varieties so you can choose the perfect flower for your loved ones and colleagues.

Things You Should Know

  • Peach roses often represent gratitude, sincerity, and modesty. They can also signify loyalty, sympathy, and affection.
  • Popular peach rose varieties include Tiffany, Osiana, Versilia, Spray, Knockout, Avalanche, and Campanella.
  • Send peach roses to your loved ones to celebrate special occasions, or give them to your boss or colleague to express gratitude and appreciation.
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Peach Rose Symbolism

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    Gratitude Peach roses are most often associated with appreciation, so send a bouquet anytime you want to thank someone or share your gratitude. It’s a meaningful gesture to let them know that you don’t take them for granted and you’re glad to have them in your life.[1]
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    Sincerity Peach roses represent sincerity, sweetness, and genuineness, making them the perfect flower for any occasion or relationship. Give peach roses to a friend, family member, or close colleague to make them feel special and strengthen your relationship.[2]
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    Modesty Light peach roses signify modesty, so they’re an excellent choice for a colleague, boss, or anyone of higher authority.[3] Send a bouquet to commemorate a work anniversary, or to celebrate the success of a major project or business deal.
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    Loyalty Trying to tell your bestie that you’ll always have their back? Give them a bunch of peach roses to communicate your loyalty and commitment. Peach roses are the ultimate symbol of friendship, and surprising your friend with a bouquet is sure to solidify your “ride or die” status.[4]
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    Sympathy If you know someone who’s grieving or going through a difficult time, send them peach roses to​​ show your support. It’s a thoughtful gesture to comfort someone in a way that doesn’t feel cliché, insensitive, or forced.[5]
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    Affection With soft pink and orange-tinged petals, peach roses can evoke feelings of care, warmth, and admiration. They’re a common choice for weddings and engagements because they convey the type of love that's typically reserved for long-term relationships.
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When to Give Peach Roses

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    Send peach roses to your loved ones on special occasions. Whether you’re attending a housewarming, wedding, or graduation, peach roses are the perfect choice to celebrate a milestone moment. Present them in a vase, bouquet, or floral arrangement to spread positive vibes.
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    Give peach roses to your boss or colleague to express gratitude. Did someone just help you out at work or complete a huge project? Acknowledge their efforts by gifting them a bouquet of peach roses. It’s another way of making them feel valued, which may boost their productivity and improve your relationship with them!
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    Surprise your friend with peach roses to make them smile. Giving someone a bouquet of peach roses is the perfect way to strengthen your friendship and remind them that they can count on you. It lets them know that you’ll always have their back, no matter what.
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    Send peach roses to someone to express sympathy and condolences. If you know someone who recently lost a loved one or is experiencing a difficult time, send them a bouquet of peach roses to let them know that you’re thinking of them. This won’t “fix” their problem, but it can be a touching gesture to make them feel supported.
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    Give peach roses to show someone that you care about them. Peach roses are more soft than red roses, so they’re a popular choice to convey genuine love and affection. Give them to your romantic partner to make them feel loved, admired, and cared for.
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Popular Peach Rose Varieties

    • Peach Tiffany. Timeless, elegant, and classic, this true peach rose fits well in any floral arrangement or design. Use it in bridal bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, or arches.
    • Peach Free Spirit. A unique mix of peach, pink, red, yellow, and fuschia, this variety packs a punch in bouquets and arrangements. Highlight its bold color by pairing it with green foliage.
    • Peach Osiana. A true peach in color, this variety opens into a classic rose shape with full, fragrant petals. It’s the perfect choice to give someone for Valentine’s Day or any romantic celebration.
    • Peach Versilia. With ruffled petals and a vibrant color, this variety is hardy, long-lasting, and works well in bouquets and arrangements. Pair it with cream or burgundy flowers to bring out its peachy hue.
    • Peach Spray. With 3-6 buds per stem, spray roses look more open and fanned out than conventional roses. Use them in bridal bouquets, corsages, or any arrangement that needs a touch of romance.
    • Peach Knockout. This variety thrives in cooler weather, making them the perfect option for fall and winter occasions. The center is more yellow, with pinky-peach petals that get more intense with lower temperatures.[6]
    • Peach Avalanche. A popular alternative to pink and purple roses, the Peach Avalanche is a great choice to give to friends or lovers. They’re classic, versatile, and possess a high petal count that opens up beautifully.
    • Peach Finesse. Creamy peach with green outer petals, this variety is a popular choice for weddings because it varies in colors. Some blooms can be pale pink or champagne, while others are more bright peach in coloring.
    • Peach Campanella. This variety is the perfect substitute for a peony because they’re ruffled, fragrant, and available year-round. Slightly yellow in hue, they look stunning in bouquets, centerpieces, and floral arrangements.
    • Peach David Austin Juliet. One of the most expensive flowers in the world, this variety took 10 years to develop.[7] It features a rounded bloom and soft peach tone, making it a popular choice for weddings and other romantic occasions.
    • Peach Drift. A cross between full-sized and miniature roses, the Peach Drift rose is known for its bright color, abundant flowers, disease resistance, and winter hardiness. They’re perfect for filling up space in a garden, draping over walls, or bordering a path or sidewalk.

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