Discover the symbolism behind the fiery orange rose

Unique and bright, orange roses are the perfect alternative to traditional pink or red roses. They symbolize passion, energy, and fascination, but they also evoke feelings of joy and creativity—making them a popular option for various occasions. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about orange roses, including their meaning, history, and when to give them as gifts.

Things You Should Know

  • Orange roses generally represent passion, desire, energy, and fascination.
  • Bright orange or vermillion roses symbolize lust, passion, and cheerfulness. Send them to your crush or partner to deepen your connection.
  • Light orange or peach roses signify respect, admiration, and appreciation. Give them to a loved one to express your care and love.
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Orange Roses Meanings

  1. Although the meaning of orange roses depends on the intensity of their hue, they generally represent feelings of desire, enthusiasm, and energy.[1] Orange roses are reminiscent of a fire, making them the perfect way to express interest in someone or take your relationship to the next level.
    • Add a couple of red roses into your bouquet to signal that you’re seriously into someone!
  2. With coppery-orange petals that bloom slightly pink with age, pumpkin roses are non-romantic flowers that are often used to show gratitude. Send a bouquet to a friend, family member, or close colleague to make them feel appreciated and supported.[2]
    • Place pumpkin orange roses in a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, a fall wedding, or any other joyous occasion.
  3. Intensely vivid and bright, vermillion roses evoke sentiments of lust, seduction, and happiness. Bring them on a first date to get the sparks going or anytime you want to connect with your partner on a deeper level.[3]
    • If you want to give vermillion roses to someone in a non-romantic way, pair them with yellow, pink, or peach roses to create a beautiful bouquet.
  4. Roses in muted shades like salmon and coral are sentimental expressions of admiration, honesty, and genuineness. They’re a common flower for weddings and anniversaries because they symbolize the natural progression into something beautiful.[4]
    • Combine dusty orange roses with white lilies to create a stunning contrast in your bouquet.
  5. Gifting tangerine roses sends a message of warmth and happiness, making them the perfect flower for any occasion or relationship. Place them on your desk if you need a boost of motivation, or send a bouquet to someone who’s going through a major life change.
    • If your friend is graduating, getting married, or moving somewhere new, give tangerine roses to be supportive.
  6. Looking for a way to brighten your friend’s day? These soft and subtle blooms are sure to make them smile. Peach roses convey admiration, loyalty, and love, so they’re a wonderful option to let your loved ones know how much light they bring into your life.[5]
    • Mix peach roses with pale pink roses to send a message of unconditional love.
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History of Orange Roses

  1. During the late 19th century, French rose breeder Joseph Pernet-Ducher went on a mission to develop a deep yellow rose. He crossed the red hybrid “Antoine Ducher” with the yellow “Rosa Foetida,” which grew into a unique blended rose with pink, peach, orange, yellow, and apricot hues (which became known as the “Soleil d’Or”).[6]
    • The success of Pernet-Ducher’s hybridization sparked a floral revolution. Throughout his career, he created brand new shades of roses, including papaya, coral, and rose-orange.
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When to Give Orange Roses

  1. Orange roses are a popular choice for fall weddings, graduations, and other holidays, including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Use them in a centerpiece, create a stunning arch or garland decoration, or scatter the petals over a table for a fun and festive touch.
  2. If you know someone who’s going through a tough time, send them orange roses to lift their spirits. It’s a meaningful surprise that’s sure to make them feel loved and supported.
    • If they live in another state, send flowers by scheduling a delivery form a nearby shop or placing an order online.
  3. Whether you have a crush or you’re in the early stages of a relationship, give a bouquet of fiery orange roses to someone to express passion and desire. It’s another way of saying you have romantic feelings towards them and you’re excited to move forward in your relationship.
  4. If you know someone who just graduated, got a promotion, or checked something off of their bucket list, send orange roses to express how proud you are. A vase of orange blooms is an instant mood booster and will remind the other person of their achievements for the next several days (and put a smile on their face).
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