Martin Sleziak


Some chat rooms/projects I would like to get started:

If you want to contact me with something math.SE related and you are not sure where, one possible alternative is this chat room.

My effort is to do things which benefit this site. Of course, I do make mistakes and even with best intentions it might happen that my contributions to the site are not that ideal. Please, do not attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. (Hanlon's razor)

I try to help the site mainly by editing posts, correcting tags, finding duplicates and similar janitorial tasks.

  • I consider correct use of tags useful for several reasons. Correctly tagged question are useful for users when searching using tags. Tags are used when creating list of related questions and list of similar questions which is shown to users when they are posting a question. Tags also help users to follow the areas of their interest.
  • Similarly, good and descriptive titles are very helpful when searching (and they also help to produce better list of related questions).
  • I think finding duplicates and closing questions as duplicates is useful. If caught early, this prevents answerers from redoing the work which has already been done. But even after answering, closing duplicates helps to concentrate the relevant information in one place rather than scattered in various posts. And it also directs the users who found one of several copies of the same question to the copy which has the best answers. This is why we should take care when choosing which of the duplicate questions should be the duplicate target.

My timezone: Bratislava, CEST