A man with no plan,but a frieght car full of ideas and a heart of flame and frost.

Who is.....The Mathemagician?

He is a superb tutor in mathematics and the hard sciences with over 10 years of tutoring experience at all levels from high school to beginning graduate studies.

After premed, chemistry, physical chemistry and biochemistry,he was seduced into pure mathematics and never looked back. He was a graduate student in pure mathematics when personal tragedy and financial ruin struck -and stopped his studies just before his oral exams for the M.S. degree. He plans to return triumphantly to complete his MS and to ultimately obtain a PHD before dying. He has 3 bachelors degrees, in philosophy, physical chemistry and mathematics as well as minors in biochemistry and psychology. He also has opinions on everything, both mathematical and otherwise.

He is a superb researcher and paper author who authors an online blog and more recently, is a regular poster/contributor to both The Math Stack Exchange and Math Overflow . He is also a past online reviewer of textbooks for the Mathematical Association Of America and hopes to return to this labor of love when time permits.

He is a diverse scholar and lecturer who has studied with such experts as Saul Kripke , Melvyn Nathanson and Dennis Sullivan.

He is a professional research paper/ essay/fiction writer and tutor who prides himself on a nearly perfect record of A grades as an undergraduate in written work and specializes in both paper writing for hire and tutoring students in the fine arts of academic research and paper drafting.

My personal statement:

Mathematicians are sorcerers. But instead of tea leaves, toadstools, phoenix feathers, polyjuice potions and eye of newt, we conjure with Lebesgue measures, noncommutative rings, differentible manifolds, Fourier transforms, deformation algebras and power series. We read the Book of Nature and if we ask it the right questions.

He currently is hoping to change the world with his finally completed website,TULOOMATH. This is A Free Complete Online Self Study Library And Advisory Center of Pre-University/ University Level Mathematics Lecture Notes, Inexpensive In-Print And Online Texts And Other Resources, Textbook Reviews, Student Advice, Affordable Tutoring, Counseling Services, Blog Commentary on Matters Both Mathematical and Otherwise and Much, Much More! His hope is that will become a major online resource for students of mathematics and others. *