Dr. Michael W. Ecker


Dr. Michael W. Ecker earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from the City University of NY in 1978, Summa Cum Laude. He retired in 2016 following a 45-year career as a published mathematics professor, mostly with the Pennsylvania State University. He remains an active mathematician and computer hobbyist even in retirement, and is now serving as Problem Section Editor of the MathAMATYC Educator Journal.

Also an oft-published computer journalist, and internationally recognized as both a recreational mathematician and journal problem solver/ editor, he created and served 21 years as editor and publisher of his own newsletter, Recreational and Educational Computing. In addition to authoring 500 articles, newsletters, papers, columns, reviews, etc., he claims an unofficial world record for largest number of PCs and computer-class devices (over 100) owned by a private individual not in business.

Michael is a skeptic who also considers himself a humanist and counts himself fortunate on being free from the twin cultural viruses of religion and superstition.