Steven Gubkin


I am a college lecturer at Cleveland State University.


I am working to bring my practice of teaching into alignment with my values around personal freedom, anti-authoritarianism, and non-violence. For now, this looks like standards based grading systems where each standard becomes an extended "conversation" with each student until we are both satisfied with the outcome of the conversations.

I am also interested in using natural deduction as a tool to teach the kind of reasoning which is needed to understand and produce mathematical proofs.


I am interested in a lot of mathematics. Most of my interest in mathematics currently is driven by the opportunities it gives me to connect with student interests. So I am always looking for accessible nuggets of math which tell a compelling story.

Planetary Limits:

I recognize that humanity is exerting an influence over our planetary system which puts us dangerously out of balance ecologically. I am interested in reimagining how our species can live with the natural systems which we are part of. Living sustainably means that there is no waste (every output of one system should be an essential input to another system) and that we are not consuming any resource faster than that resource can be replenished.