"Points don't matter"... and yet because of these points DIRECTLY most of the misunderstandings and fights among participants happen in this site.

I believe the above would be greatly avoided if people were required to justify, at least shortly, her/his downvote, making it clear it is not personal or petty but more or less well reasoned. If the site would also require from people to write down shortly their personal background in mathematics and this would appear in peoples' profiles then we'd avoid many, many misunderstandings in answers.

I can't agree anymore with the site's outlines of working and neither with the site's administration "making of justice" and direct insinuations of misuse, without possibility of defending oneself and without being able to retort absurd accusations and other nonsenses.

I hereby shall stop my participation in this site at once. This is sad to me because I enjoyed participating here and I myself learned a lot, both from other participants' answers but also from some askers who happened to ask very interesting questions and/or in some very interesting fashion.

Perhaps in the future I shall take part once in a while in this or that thread, but I wouldn't wait for this to happen without getting a chair and a fat book to read.