List of Apple typefaces

This is a list of typefaces made by/for Apple Inc.



  • Apple Garamond (1983), designed to replace Motter Tektura in the Apple logo. Not included on Macs in a user-available form.
  • New York (1984, by Susan Kare), a serif font.
  • Toronto (1984, Susan Kare)
  • Athens (1984, Susan Kare), slab serif.
  • Hoefler Text (1991, Jonathan Hoefler), still included with every Mac. Four-member family with an ornament font.
  • Espy Serif (1993, bitmapped font, dropped with Mac OS 8)[1]
  • Fancy (1993), Apple Newton font based on Times Roman
  • New York (2019), a new design unrelated to the earlier typeface of the same name. Designed to work with San Francisco. Available in four optical sizes: extra large, large, medium, and small.[2]



  • Chicago (1984 by Susan Kare, pre-Mac OS 8 system font, also used by early iPods)
  • Geneva (1984 by Susan Kare), sans-serif font inspired by Helvetica. Converted to TrueType format and still installed on Macs.
  • Espy Sans (1993, Apple eWorld, Apple Newton and iPod Mini font, known as System on the Apple Newton platform)
  • System (1993, see Espy Sans)
  • eWorld Tight (1993), Apple eWorld font based on Helvetica Compressed
  • Simple (1993), Apple Newton font, based on Geneva)
  • Skia (1993 Matthew Carter), demonstration of QuickDraw GX typography in the style of inscriptions from antiquity. Still installed on Macs.
  • Charcoal (1999, Mac OS 8 system font)
  • Lucida Grande (2000) by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes, used in OS X)
  • San Francisco (2014), the new system font on Apple Watch and other Apple devices from winter 2015, now since 2017 Apple's corporate font.
  • Myriad (Apple's corporate font (until 2017) and used by the iPod photo), not installed on Macs in a user-accessible format. Designed by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly.


  • Monaco (1984, Susan Kare) Bitmap, later converted to TrueType. Still included with Macs, but default monospace typeface is now Menlo.
  • Menlo (2009, Jim Lyles), based on the open-source font Bitstream Vera.
  • SF Mono (2017, Apple), mono variant of the San Francisco font introduced in 2015.

Script and handwritten

  • Venice (1984, Bill Atkinson), bitmap script inspired by chancery cursive. Never converted to TrueType format.
  • Los Angeles (1984, Susan Kare), bitmap casual script font. Never converted to TrueType format.
  • Apple Casual (1993, used on Apple Newton)
  • Apple Chancery (1993, Kris Holmes), a test-bed for contextual alternates in font programming. Still installed on Macs.[3]


  • Apple Symbols (2003, Unicode symbol/dingbat font)
  • Cairo (1984 by Susan Kare, a dingbat font best known for the dogcow in the 0x7A (lowercase Z) position)
  • LastResort (2001 by Michael Everson, Mac OS X Fallback font)
  • London (1984, Susan Kare), bitmap blackletter. Never converted to TrueType format.
  • San Francisco (1984, Susan Kare), bitmap font in a 'ransom note' style. Never converted to TrueType format.

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