Many Americans find themselves needing cash for various expenditures in their teenage years. Most part-time jobs, however, will either hire applicants over 18 years old, or simply will not hire teens, making earning quick money difficult. There are still ways, however, teens can make money. With the proper planning, you can be well on your way to $100 in a week.

Method 1
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Getting Cash Fast

  1. Many families hire teenagers to babysit their young children. If you are friendly and have a good rapport with young families in your neighborhood, ask them if they need a babysitter. Getting hired by family and neighborhood friends is optimal because it means quick cash and a safe contact you already know.
    • Print out some fliers with tear-away tabs that have your contact info on them, then hang them up at your local elementary school.
    • Start with people you already know, such as friends and family members. Tell them to help spread the word of what an awesome babysitter you are.
  2. Prior generations used to search for cans and bottles to recycle just so they had some extra cash. There are a variety of things you can recycle if you're resourceful enough.[1]
    • Gather recyclable items, such as soda cans and plastic water bottles. Once you have enough to fill a trash bag, take them to a recycling center.
    • You won't make a ton off of this, so it's best to sell your recyclables in large batches. This way, you'll save a couple of trips.
    • Ask your family and friends for their soda cans and water bottles too! This will give you more to sell back to your local recycling center.
  3. Try your hand at dog walking or pet sitting. Many people worry about their pets like human members of the family. Soothe concerns about beloved pets by taking care of them, walking them, and showing the pets love.[2]
    • Make fliers for your pet sitting service with tear-away tabs that contain your phone number or email. Post these in libraries or coffee shops.
    • Earn a good reputation with dog owners by spending time at dog parks. Interact with the owners and their dogs, but also respect their space.
  4. People often hire teens because they want to help out the neighborhood kids, and it is a much cheaper alternative to professional landscaping companies. If you aren't afraid of getting your hands dirty, try a few of the following suggestions:
    • Offer lawn care services, such as mowing, weeding or raking. Bring your tools with you, or offer a discount for borrowing your client's tools.
    • Cater to the season. If it snows in your area, consider adding snow shoveling to your services. If your area has a lot of pollen, offer car washing.
    • Look for damaged fences and offer to repair them. Fences often need repainting or straightening.
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Method 2
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Teaching People What You Know

  1. Become a tutor. Find your expertise, develop a way to get your point across, and find your potential clients. It may seem outrageous, but tutoring in an extreme case has pulled in $1,250-an-hour.[3] Typical tutoring services, however, start somewhere between $10 and $15 an hour.[4]
    • Start with the kids in your class, then use fliers or word-of-mouth to advertise your services at your school or local library.
    • Depending on what you're comfortable with, you can do private one-on-one sessions or small group sessions.
    • Libraries often have special areas or rooms that you can check out for tutoring and group studying. Some schools also have tutoring centers that you can use.
  2. Many people are too busy to do the simplest things like get groceries, pick up dry cleaning, or transcribe a page of text. Sign on to a site like TaskRabbit, Fiverr, or Zaarly and look for the jobs you can complete in your area.
    • Some sites will pay you to take and complete surveys, but be wary of scams if you try those. Research them online.
  3. Though it is hard to comprehend, people born before the internet age don't find computers as easy as you do. Here are a few creative ways to exploit your knowledge:
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Method 3
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Getting a Regular Job

  1. Many local businesses hire day laborers for basic tasks. Though being under 18 discounts you from many jobs, you may be able to find work as a sign holder or greeter. Peruse the classifieds for listings. If you remember noticing a business that employed a young-looking teen to hold a sign or something like that, call them and ask if they have any work.
    • Be aware that these jobs may not be permanent, and often have random schedules.
    • Not all jobs require you to be 18. Some jobs will hire younger teens, depending on the state's laws.
  2. If you have a car, signing up to be a driver is a perfect way to make money. Become a driver for uber or lyft and work when you find the time.[7]
    • Alternatively, offer your services at school. Your classmates will always need rides to events, school, home, and extracurricular activities.
    • If you're driving your classmates, keep your prices reasonable. After all, they are probably in the same situation as you and don't have a lot of cash.
  3. If you're having trouble finding people to pay you for your services, get a part time job. Go to the mall and put in applications. Fast food locations are always hiring. Both job types are perfect part time jobs for teens.
    • Retail is a great way to get started because of the flexible scheduling. Many stores and cafes hire students and understand that they need to work around classes.
  4. Paid jobs often correspond to paychecks that take a few weeks before you see them in your bank account. However, you can get around the paycheck problem with a job that earns cash tips. This way, you have a check on the way as well as cash in your pocket immediately.
    • If you have your license and know the area well, delivering pizzas quickly to hungry customers is guaranteed to earn you some good tips.[8]
    • Restaurant waiters, servers, busboys, and hosts can earn a lot via tips. Be a good server, pay attention to your customers, and they'll likely tip you 20% of the bill.[9]
    • Work as a golf caddy. You can make some great tips on the links, especially if you're helping someone who has a good round.[10]
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Method 4
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Selling Your Unused Items

  1. Many teens have clothes lying around that no longer fit, or are a style they wouldn't wear. Put together a box you think you could sell, and approach your parents. Let them go through your box and tell you which items are ok to sell and which you need to return to your closet.
    • Sell your clothes online or at a yard sale. If you're too young to open up an account on your preferred website, ask your parents if they can sell for you.
  2. Just like clothing, teens outgrow their hobbies. Look around for items you haven't used in years, like child-friendly telescopes, toys, or dolls. You should be able to sell a few of the items for a decent amount of money (or a ton), especially if your room is cluttered.
    • This doesn't mean that you have to get rid of everything. If your childhood bear is still special to you, keep him! Even if he spends his days on the shelf.
  3. Selling your games can be done at a store or online. Try not to wait until the game system you're selling is obsolete, because it won't have nearly the same value. The right video game, however, could net you far more than $100 if you sell it at the right time.[11]
    • On the other hand, some vintage games can fetch a lot of money. Don't make assumptions and do your research online first. You might have some valuable treasures!
  4. Once you have gotten a few boxes of clothes and toys together it's time to sell them. You may have seen signs for yard sales in your neighborhood before. Put up a few signs with large, easy-to-read letters, break out the tables, and get enough change to for when you start to sell.
    • Get your family or multiple families involved in a community garage sale! This will get you more attention and customers.
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Method 5
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Discovering Jobs, Opportunities, and Ambition

  1. Family members are often happy to hire their relative to help with chores around the house. Tell them what you specialize in, but be open to doing whatever they need. If they sympathize with your cause, they are more likely to hire you.
    • Elderly people often need help. Ask your grandparents if they need anything carried or moved.
    • Are your siblings messy? Offer to clean up their rooms for a nominal fee.
    • Look for opportunities when your parents are overburdened. For example, if your mom wishes that she had less housework so that she could enjoy a nice day out, offer to help out for some cash.
  2. This is a way to make sure that only trusted people in your neighborhood are contracting your services, preferably individuals you already know.
    • Put up fliers on your local community center's bulletin board. Include tear-off tabs with your phone number so that people can take your contact info with them.
  3. The easiest way to get the word out about your services is on internet classifieds. Make sure you are not putting any specific information about your identity or residence in the ad. Only reply to legitimate sounding solicitations. There are a variety of ways to advertise locally online.
    • Post an ad on Craigslist. Find your local city, look for the type of jobs needing help, and post an ad offering the same type of help. Alternatively, reply to the "odds and ends" jobs.
    • Advertise on Facebook. This is also a great way to reach out to the extended family and friend list willing to support your endeavors.[12]
    • Create a quick website and market your services. There are a variety of creative ways to use a very simple website to make money.[13]
  4. Though these are less utilized than their internet counterparts, many people still peruse them for goods and services.[14] You're more likely to reach an older audience who hasn't quite caught on to everything being online; so, tailor your ads to jobs they'd most likely want.
    • For example, an elderly person might need help with purchasing groceries or yardwork, rather than babysitting.
  5. When asking family, friends, and neighbors to hire you for jobs, remember that it is more of a favor to you than them. Your reason for wanting to earn $100 fast can either make or break this for you. Without good reasoning, they may be less likely to employ you for odds and ends.
    • Good reason – You'd like to better yourself by taking music courses at the local community college.
    • Good reason – There is a charity 5k you'd like to sign you and your sibling up for, but you don't have the registration funds.
    • Bad reason – Buying a new smart-phone because you broke your current one might display a lack of responsibility.
    • Bad reason – Paying back someone at school for something you didn't need in the first place.
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  • Do not sell anything bought by your parents or anyone else without asking them first.
  • Do not begin working for anyone you do not know or trust.
  • Do not pester family or friends with solicitations for work. They will not respond happily to frequent or desperate requests, and you could ruin your relationship. Once you have offered once, they will remember you when they next need a yard mower or a babysitter.
  • Do not get a part-time job with the intention of quitting as soon as you have made a minimal amount of money. It costs businesses time and money to train you, and though they don't expect you to stay for 5 years, quitting after a few weeks is very frowned upon. It can ruin your chances of getting other jobs in the future, and you will not be able to use them as a recommendation.

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