Tons of TikTok-inspired prompts to use with your friends

“He’s a 10 but” is a trend that originally went viral on TikTok and then became popular on X (Twitter). This trend is all about giving an imaginary person an attractiveness rating from 1 to 10. Then, you end the prompt with an odd habit, behavior, or scenario that can either move the rating up or down. For example, you might say “He’s a 10 but he hates cats,” which might cause your cat-loving friend to rerate him as a “2.” Keep reading for over 135 questions you can use for your own “He’s a 10 but” game.

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“He’s a Ten but…” Questions

  1. Prompts where the imaginary person is “a 10” are usually followed up with negative traits or behaviors that lower the score. Try to keep the game lighthearted and fun by avoiding questions about someone’s looks or body type. Instead, focus on hyper-specific behaviors (like clapping every time the plane lands) or general traits (like always being late).
    • He has no sense of humor.
    • He runs up the stairs on all fours.
    • He claps every time the plane lands.
    • He’s always late.
    • He never helps you with the chores.
    • He’s super clingy.
    • He doesn’t have a driver’s license or a car.
    • He brings up his ex in every conversation.
    • He follows a bunch of random Instagram models.
    • He’s cheated on someone before.
    • He acts like a baby when he doesn’t get what he wants.
    • He’s always talking about himself.
    • He’s disrespectful to his parents.
    • He refuses to post pictures of the two of you on social media.
  2. Follow up these fun prompts with behaviors and traits that most people might see as negative, but that give you and your friends a little wiggle room in case someone has a controversial hot take.
    • He vapes all the time.
    • He tries to start the wave at sports games.
    • He only uses Snapchat to communicate with you.
    • He’s a SoundCloud rapper.
    • He wants an open relationship.
    • He’s 4’2”.
    • He’s always on his phone when you’re together.
    • He snores like a fog horn.
    • He’s terrified of butterflies.
    • He’s always “too busy” to hang out.
    • He’s a total mama’s boy.
    • He drives like a NASCAR driver.
    • He picks his nose in public.
  3. Most people might find these habits unattractive, but there are a few prompts in this list that might make people surprise you. Who knows? Maybe your friend prefers it if the imaginary person expects them to pay for everything or thinks it's absolutely hilarious that they somehow always get stuck in the revolving door.
    • His place is a complete mess.
    • He chews all of his plastic straws.
    • He doesn’t wear socks.
    • He doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”
    • He films himself trying viral dances on TikTok.
    • He starts every conversation with “wyd?”
    • He always gets stuck in the revolving door.
    • He thinks he’s hilarious, but he’s just mean.
    • He smokes cigarettes.
    • He always forgets your birthday.
    • He checks out other people in public.
    • He expects you to pay for everything.
    • He chews with his mouth open.
  4. These habits, traits, and scenarios tend to be a little controversial, but some friends might choose to keep the score a “7” or even bump it up a little if it makes the imaginary person more attractive.
    • He has a really annoying laugh.
    • He only texts you after 10 pm.
    • He listens to “alpha male” podcasts.
    • He doesn’t know how to ride a bike.
    • He’s bad at managing his money.
    • He doesn’t use deodorant.
    • He calls his parents “mommy” and “daddy.”
    • He constantly interrupts you while you’re talking.
    • His ex is still his phone’s background picture.
    • He disappears for days on end.
    • He only communicates with GIFs.
    • He flakes out on your dates.
    • He sticks gum under the table.
  5. Follow up prompts that rate an imaginary person as a “6” with behaviors or traits that tend to be negative, but could be positive, too. Your friend might like it when your partner is overly protective of them or they’re a huge fishing fan and feel drawn to people who include a picture of their latest catch in their dating profile.
    • He constantly talks badly about other people.
    • He’s overly protective of you.
    • He has a picture of a fish he caught on his dating profile.
    • He never puts the toilet seat down.
    • He doesn’t know how to swim.
    • He says “no cap” to everything.
    • He drives a really nice car.
    • He’s never seen Star Wars.
    • He never goes to the doctor or the dentist.
    • He doesn’t watch TV or movies.
    • He only replies every 2 to 3 business days.
    • He’s bad at math.
    • He confidently sings the wrong lyrics to every song.
  6. These prompts were designed to go either way—depending on your personal preferences, these habits or scenarios could drive your score up or down. While some people might see having an Android phone as a red flag, others might see no problem at all with it. It just depends on who you are and what you find attractive!
    • He has no social media accounts.
    • He’s genuinely super funny.
    • He doesn’t like to cuddle.
    • He has an Android phone.
    • He reads the news every single morning.
    • He’s super organized.
    • He has a buzzcut.
    • He doesn’t like to dance.
    • He always asks to split everything 50-50.
    • He doesn’t use emojis.
    • He gives you foot massages.
    • He kisses your forehead.
    • He has tattoos all over his body.
  7. Here’s where we get into prompts that are often considered positive, but might not matter to some people. For example, maybe you hate spiders and feel more attracted to someone who isn’t afraid to kill them over someone who just traps them in a cup and carries them outside.
    • He tips waitstaff well.
    • He’s a great photographer.
    • He has a great taste in music.
    • He loves talking to you.
    • He carries spiders outside instead of killing them.
    • He can cook really well.
    • He’s incredibly loyal.
    • He’s super kind towards everyone.
    • He gets your sarcasm and plays along.
    • He has a really cute dog.
    • He knows who he is and what he stands for.
    • He validates your feelings and makes changes based on them.
    • He’s mature and humble.
    • He makes sure you walk on the inside of the sidewalk.
  8. These habits and traits tend to be more positive, but they have a little wiggle room in case someone rates the person lower instead.
    • He’s a great listener.
    • He’s super talented at anything creative.
    • He’s always early.
    • He’s incredibly kind to animals.
    • He values your opinions and goes to you for advice.
    • He remembers everything about you and what you like.
    • He’s your age and sitting next to you on a flight.
    • He has a high-paying job with tons of great benefits.
    • He admits when he’s wrong about something.
    • He reads your favorite books.
    • He values and regularly checks in on his friends.
    • He wears his heart on his sleeve.
    • He treats you like an equal partner.
  9. Pick a prompt from this list that’s ultra positive and that would cause most people to rate the imaginary person higher. Some of these also have the possibility to stay the same or go even lower—maybe one of your friends thinks having a trust fund is a red flag or maybe you don’t find professional athletes attractive at all.
    • He has a really nice smile.
    • He’s a professional athlete.
    • He has a trust fund.
    • He loves trying new things.
    • He’s rich. Like, really rich.
    • He has all the same interests that you do.
    • He’s incredibly intelligent.
    • He pays all your bills for you.
    • He’s comfortable talking about his emotions.
    • You’re neighbors.
    • He’s super easy-going and comfortable to hang out with.
    • He’s your best friend.
    • He actively tries to compromise when you disagree.
    • He treats his parents and siblings well.
    • He encourages you to pursue a life outside of your relationship.
    • He’s super ambitious.
    • He speaks positively about you when you’re not around.
  10. Just like you start your sentence with “he’s a 10 but” and end it with something horrendous, try starting your prompt with “he’s a 1 but” and end it with something incredibly positive and wholesome.
    • He pays for all of your dates.
    • He’s 6’5”.
    • He respects your boundaries.
    • Your whole family loves him.
    • He buys flowers without you asking.
    • He has a great sense of style.
    • He’s open about his insecurities.
    • He’s financially responsible.
    • He never makes you feel bad during an argument.
    • He understands your love language.
    • He supports you unconditionally.
    • He communicates regularly and follows through on promises.
    • He always brings you back food when he goes out with friends.
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How to Play “He’s a Ten but…”

  1. This game is based on the 1 to 10 dating scale, where you rate a person based on their looks and overall attractiveness. When someone starts with the prompt “he’s a [insert number] but…” they follow it up with a trait or behavior that could make that person more or less attractive.
    • “He’s a 6 but he eats pizza with a knife and fork.”
    • “He’s a 10 but he screams at his parents.”
    • “He’s a 2 but he always opens the door for you.”
    • If “he” doesn’t fit your friend group, you can change the pronouns to whatever you’d like. All of these prompts can easily be turned into “she’s a 10 but” or “they’re a ten but” questions.
  2. If the number is 5 or higher, the rest of the question is a trait or behavior that people might see as negative. If the number is 4 or lower, the rest of the question tends to be a trait or behavior that’s more positive.
    • You: “He’s a 2 but he always celebrates your accomplishments.”
      Your friend: “I love that, he’s a 7.”
    • You: “He’s a 5 but every gift he gives you is his favorite color.”
      Your friend: “He’s definitely a 3. He doesn’t sound very thoughtful at all.”
    • You: “He’s a 10 but he’s absolutely obsessed with golf.”
      Your friend: “I don’t like golf, I’d say he’s a 4.”
  3. The best part about this game is learning about how you and your friends would change someone’s attractiveness rating based on a random fact about them. Use questions from the list above or create your own to personalize them to your and your friends’ preferences.
    • This game works best when you have 2 or more people—that way everyone can give their rating based on the trait, behavior, or scenario you give them.[1]
    • The “he’s a 10 but” game was created on TikTok by user @leahhwoodss in May 2022. The trend quickly spread to Twitter, where people post questions and other users comment what they’d re-score the person in the scenario.[2]
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