Get your dad out of bed with these touching messages for all occasions

If you’re looking for more ways to show love, affection, and gratitude for your dad, a thoughtful good morning message is a great place to start! Whether you want to send him a sweet, heartfelt, or downright silly text, reaching out to him each morning can help the two of you maintain a close relationship. Keep reading for a detailed list of different good morning messages and examples you can send to your dad (including on special occasions and holidays).


Sweet Messages

  1. Want to stay in touch with your dad but don’t have a ton of time in the mornings? It doesn’t take much time to come up with a short and sweet message for him—just write a quick sentence or two about how you’re thinking of him. A little can go a long way!
    • Morning, father dearest! Keep a smile on your face today.
    • Good morning to the dad who’s always been my rock. Have a great day!
    • Rise and shine, Dad! Just wanted to start your day on a positive note. Did it work?
    • Good morning, Dad! You’re my superhero—there’s nobody like you.
    • Hey, Dad! I know today is gonna be great because I’ll get to see you!
    • Good morning! I’m really lucky to have you as a Dad.
    • Wake up, Dad! There’s coffee, eggs, and bacon waiting for you. You’re welcome!
    • Another beautiful day, Dad! I hope it treats you well.
    • What could possibly make this morning better? A text from your kid, I hope!
    • Good morning, Dad! I hope your day is as sweet as the coffee you’re probably drinking.
    • Personalization tip: In a text or direct message, try adding a bright, happy emoji or two to your good morning quip. For example, you might use a ☀️ (sun), 🌅 (sunrise), 🌻 (sunflower), or 🐓 (rooster) emoji.
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Funny Messages

  1. Jokes and general silliness are more powerful than you might think. The act of laughing can actually relieve stress, not to mention boost your mood. So, sending your dad a goofy joke in the morning might just make his day—for real![1]
    • Morning, Dad! I wanted to send a dad joke…but then I realized there’s no way I’m gonna beat you at your own game!
    • Cock-a-doodle-doo! (You don’t have a rooster, so I decided to be an honorary one this morning. Time to get up!)
    • Good morning, Dad! Just wanted you to know you’re the best dad I could’ve ever gotten stuck with.
    • By the powers vested in me, I command you to have a stupendous day!
    • Morning, Dad! Did you know I love you more than cake? That’s really saying something!
    • Rise and shine, Dad! And before you get grumpy, let me say: you’re my favorite. Don’t tell mom!
    • Good morning, Dad! Stay cool, it’s a hot one out there today!
    • Have a great day, Dad! While I definitely don’t care about baseball, I know you’re 100% a catch.
    • Here’s your joke of the day, Dad. What do you call a fish in a bowtie? …SoFISHticated!
    • Good morning, Dad! I was going to tell you a joke about pizza, but then I decided it was too cheesy.
    • Morning, Dad! I know this isn’t your strong suit, but try to stay out of trouble today.
    • Personalization tip: Keep your jokes lighthearted and affectionate. While teasing is all in good fun, don’t cross the line into mean-spirited jokes.

Heartfelt Messages

  1. Saying “I love you” isn’t just for special occasions; it’s never a bad time to tell someone that you love them. So, if your dad is someone you truly love, let him know! When you tell your dad, “I love you,” you’re also feeding your relationship with him and keeping it strong.[2]
    • Dad, I want you to know how much you mean to me. I love you with all my heart, and I’m sending you the warmest hugs to keep you company this morning.
    • My life is never ordinary because you’re an extraordinary father who always strives to make life as sweet as possible. I love you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful morning.
    • As the sun rises, I feel so much love for you in my heart. You’re my rock and guiding light, Dad!
    • Dear Dad, I know I don’t say this often, but I truly love you so much. You make me feel loved and supported, and I cherish our relationship. I hope you know that.
    • Good morning, Dad. There aren’t enough words to explain how much I love you, or how glad I am that you’re my father.
    • Have a great morning, Dad! I love you to pieces, and I think the world of you. Just wanted you to know that.
    • Good morning, dear Dad. Just wanted to say that I love you with all my heart, and I want nothing but the best for you every day.
    • Hey, Dad! It’s a new day, and I still love you more than words can express. Sending you a gigantic hug right this second!
    • Good morning, Dad. I want you to know that I’ll always love you, through all our ups and downs. You’re an irreplaceable part of my life, and that will never change.
    • Personalization tip: Don’t be afraid to send your dad a message that feels too cheesy or vulnerable. Just speak from the heart and be honest about your feelings!
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Inspirational Messages

  1. Everyone needs a little support and positivity sometimes—so why not ensure your dad has some? Encouragement can improve someone’s confidence and motivation, so try making your dad’s morning that much better by letting him know that, in your eyes, there’s nothing he can’t do.[3]
    • Good morning, Dad. I hope you know what an amazing person you are—because I know it’s true beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    • Hey, Dad! This morning, I just want you to know what an inspiration you are to me. You push everyone around you to dream big and persevere. You’re the reason I know that I can do anything I set my mind to.
    • Morning, Dad! I wanted to remind you how incredible you are. Remember that, and your day can’t go wrong!
    • Good morning, Dad! Another great day is coming your way. Stand tall and do your thing—because there’s nothing you can’t handle!
    • Rise and shine, Dad. You’re a wonderful person, inside and out. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
    • Hi, Dad! You taught me that the best way to make it in life is to never give up. Have a fantastic day!
    • Good morning, Dad! Have a wonderful day—and if any negativity comes your way, tell it to begone! You got this!
    • May this morning be a new beginning for you to chase and fulfill your dreams. I love you, Dad!
    • Morning, Dad! Remember, every day is just a new opportunity for something unforgettable and wonderful to happen. Have a great one!
    • Personalization tip: You could also mention a time your dad really inspired or motivated you, and explain how that meant a lot to you—so you’re returning the favor.

Appreciative Messages

  1. Gratitude can make other people feel valued and important—and it can put you in a more positive state of mind. So, if you’re grateful for your dad’s influence on you (whether that means his support, unconditional love, sense of humor, or something else), tell him about it in a good morning message.[4]
    • This morning, I want you to know how grateful I am for you. Every time I needed help, you were there, and I’m a better person because of your influence. Have an amazing day, Dad!
    • Dad, your love and support have been constant pillars for me. I can’t imagine my life without you. I’m so grateful for you!
    • Good morning, Dad. Just wanted to thank you for teaching me about strength, compassion, and perseverance. Your guidance is something I’ll always cherish!
    • Hello, Dad. I hope you have a great morning, knowing that your love has shaped the person I am, and that I’m forever grateful to have someone as caring and reliable as you for a father.
    • Morning, Dad. I feel privileged to be your child; thank you for teaching me so many lessons in life, working hard to support me, and making me the person I am today.
    • Whenever I’m feeling blue, you’re always there to put a smile on my face. Thank you for your humor, love, and wisdom, Dad, and I hope you have a great day!
    • Wake up, Dad! Your love, care, and support make every day wonderful for me—so I hope yours is too.
    • Good morning, Dad. You’ve always been the one to stand up for me, teach me (and sometimes scold me when I needed it), and I’m so grateful to have someone like you in my corner.
    • This morning, I’m feeling grateful for every moment I’ve been able to spend with you, whether we’re playing games together or having heart-to-hearts. Thank you for being part of my life, Dad!
    • Your love and support are the reasons I strive to achieve my dreams. Thank you for everything, and have a lovely morning.
    • Personalization tip: Be as specific as you can! Instead of saying he’s a good Dad, try naming a few qualities that you love the most. You could even mention an anecdote of a time your dad did something that really stood out to you.
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Good Morning Wishes

  1. Kind, optimistic wishes can show your dad that he’s on your mind and you want the absolute best for him. So, send him a text or direct message with a wish you have for him—whether you wish him a good day, happiness, or something more specific. For example:
    • Today, I wish you nothing but peace, love, and lots of laughter. Have a great one, Dad!
    • Wishing my favorite Dad a wonderful morning! You deserve the world.
    • Good morning, Dad! Wishing you a day of unwavering positivity and joy!
    • Morning, Dad! Wishing you every success today at work. Good luck—I know you’ll do amazing!
    • Rise and shine, Daddy! Wishing you a day as bright, sunny, and joyful as you are.
    • Wishing the coolest dad an excellent morning! May your day be as silly and wonderful as the puns you make up.
    • Today, I’m wishing the best dad in the world a very good morning! You’re everything to me—a father, a mentor, and a friend.
    • Hey, Dad! I wish you a morning filled with the same warmth and happiness you bring to the lives of everyone you meet.
    • Wishing you the best day ever, Dad…at least until tomorrow! Love you so very much.

Birthday Messages

  1. If you aren’t going to be able to see your dad in person, a sweet “Happy Birthday” message can show him you’re still thinking of him on his special day. And even if you are planning to see him, there’s nothing wrong with sending a quick little message in the morning first, just to make him grin.
    • Happy birthday, Pops! I’m so glad you were born today…because that means I was eventually born too!
    • Good morning, Dad! I keep feeling like today is special, but I’m not sure why…kidding! Happy birthday!
    • Rise and shine, Dad! Today is the best day of them all…because it’s the day we get to celebrate you!
    • Happy birthday, Dad! This wake-up call is your first gift, but don’t worry, I have better ones too!
    • It’s your birthday, Dad, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you! Here’s to an awesome birthday boy.
    • Morning, Dad! I hope this birthday is the happiest one yet. I love you!
    • Good morning, Dad! Time to make some wishes—it’s your birthday!
    • Happy birthday, old man! Don’t party too hard!
    • Wake up, Dad! Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday; you’re one of my favorite people ever!
    • Happy birthday to my biggest supporter. I love you more than you’ll ever know!
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Anniversary Messages

  1. If your parents’ anniversary is coming up, congratulating them both is a lovely (and easy) way to mark the occasion. Wish your dad a good morning, and then mention how great it is that he’ll be celebrating another year of marriage—and that you’ll be celebrating with him.
    • Happy anniversary morning, Dad! Wishing you another year of true love.
    • Another year, another great reason to celebrate your love together. Happy anniversary to you and Mom!
    • Good morning, Dad! Wishing you the happiest of anniversaries and an all-around amazing day.
    • Good morning! Just reflecting on how grateful I am you decided to get married on this day all those years ago. Happy anniversary!
    • Morning! Today’s the day that started it all. Happy anniversary, Dad!
    • Good morning! I wanted you to know that I’m grateful to you for showing me what a healthy, loving relationship should look like. Happy anniversary!
    • Happy anniversary, Pops! Wishing you the best this morning, and every morning in between.

Father’s Day Messages

  1. Father’s Day is the ideal time to remind your dad how important he is to you—that’s what the day is all about, after all! So, even if you have something else planned for later, a short and sweet “Happy Father’s Day” message in the morning makes for a lovely gesture.
    • Good morning! Just wanted to wish the best dad ever a happy Father’s Day!
    • Morning, Dad. Happy Father’s Day! I’m thinking of you today.
    • Good morning, Dad! Happy Father’s Day! Although without me, this day wouldn’t mean much…
    • Happy Father’s Day! I know it’s early, but I just wanted you to know that you mean the world to me.
    • Just wanted to wish you a happy Father’s Day on this fine morning! Thank you for being you.
    • Good morning and happy Father’s Day to my amazing dad! Love you to the moon and back.
    • Morning! Happy Father’s Day, daddy. You made growing up so much fun!
    • Good morning! Happy Father’s Day, dad. I hope today is as incredible as you are.
    • Happy Father’s Day! Be honest, though…I’m totally your favorite, right?
    • Morning, Dad! I was up all night trying to figure out what to get you for Father’s Day…but then I realized you already have me!
    • Personalization tip: If you have a more complicated relationship with your dad, you don’t have to write a long, flowery message or give him fake compliments. Find a couple of small things you can sincerely be positive about, even if you just wish him a nice day.
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Holiday Messages

  1. Does your dad love New Year's? Christmas? Thanksgiving? Halloween? No matter what he celebrates, send him a good morning message (complete with festive emojis, if possible) on those days to set the stage for a very happy holiday.
    • Good morning! Just wanted to wish you a holly, jolly Christmas! 🎄
    • Hey Dad, it’s Christmas morning—happy holidays! What did Santa bring you?
    • Happy Christmas morning, Dad! May today—and all your days—be merry and bright.
    • Happy Thanksgiving, Dad! I’m ready to spend the morning cooking…and spend the afternoon drowning in gravy with you!
    • Happy Turkey Day, Dad. I wish I could spend it with you! 🦃
    • Happy Easter, Dad! Can’t wait to see you later this morning!
    • Happy Halloween! I know the candy frenzy doesn’t start until later, but I hope you have a great day until then. 🎃👻
    • It’s a super special morning, Dad—New Year’s Day! Here’s to another year of memories we’ll make together.
    • Happy New Year’s, Dad! This morning, my list of resolutions is full of things I want to do with you.
    • Happy New Year’s! I know you’re probably sleeping in this morning, but just wanted to say I hope this year is even better than the last. 🎉

Prayer Messages

  1. While prayer messages probably aren’t ideal if you or your dad aren’t religious, your dad might very much appreciate and enjoy them if you are. Let him know that you’re praying for his health, happiness, and peace of mind—or any other blessing you might wish for him.
    • Rise and shine, Dad! Sending a prayer for your happiness and success today.
    • Good morning, Dad! May God protect and watch over you—today and always.
    • Starting my day with a prayer for you. Have a blessed day filled with peace and prosperity!
    • Morning, Dad. May God’s loving presence be with you today.
    • Dad, I pray that God brings you all the love and strength you need today. Have a great morning!
    • It’s a new day, Dad! I pray that God guides your steps and blesses you.
    • Dad, I hope your morning is as great as you are, and that God’s blessings shower upon you today.
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