Throw the coolest parties using this handy game guide for teens

Looking for a few teenager-friendly games to liven up your next party? No problem. Party games can be a great way to bond with your friends and make your gathering more memorable. If you want to introduce some new games to your friends but aren’t sure where to start, read through our list of party games for teenagers to learn all about each hilarious and delightful game, plus how to play them!

Things You Should Know

  • Play a funny party game like Wacky Duck, where you and your fellow players must quack like ducks while someone else tries to guess whose quack is whose.
  • Try a board game like Clue, in which you and your friends must roll dice and collect evidence to see who can solve a murder the fastest.
  • Play a classic party game like Would You Rather, where each player asks “Would You Rather” questions with 2 choices, and everyone else must pick an option.

Wacky Duck

  1. Sit in a circle, choose one person to be “it,” and sit them in the center of the circle, blindfolded. “It” must then feel around for people with a newspaper rolled up, and whoever they stop in front of must quack like a duck. If “it” can guess who quacked, they win. If they can't, they have to keep looking (and guessing) until they get one right!
    • Try to play this game with at least 8 players to ensure it’s a challenge for the guesser to pinpoint who is quacking.
    • After blindfolding the “it” person, you could also spin them in a few circles and rearrange the seating to ensure they don’t know who is sitting where.
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Wink Assassin

  1. Prepare a chit (a small slip of paper) for every player participating, labeling one as the “killer,” and have players pick chits to determine who the murderer is. Then, everyone must stand in a circle and look at one another. The murderer must try to secretly “kill” players by winking at them, and everyone else has to determine the killer’s identity.[1]
    • When the killer winks at someone, they have to count to five, then scream and pretend to die.
    • To guess who the murderer is, a player has to say “I accuse.” Then, other players will have until the count of 3 to back up the accuser.
    • As soon as two accusers point to the same suspect, and that suspect is indeed the murderer, the game ends.

Would You Rather

  1. Have all players arrange themselves in a circle and then choose someone to begin the game. That person must say a “Would you rather…?” prompt, asking a question with two options or scenarios. The person they ask has to pick one of the two choices. From there, you can continue playing until you have exhausted your questions.[2]
    • “Would you rather be an only child or have 12 siblings?”
    • “Would you rather never play a video game again, or never use your favorite app again?”
    • “Would you rather wear winter clothes or summer clothes all year long?”
    • “Would you rather meet Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift?”
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Never Have I Ever

  1. Reveal your craziest stories while playing a game of Never Have I Ever. This is best played by teens that know each other and are comfortable sharing a few secrets! First, give everyone a few pieces of candy and pick a player to go first. That player must say a phrase beginning with “Never have I ever…” and ending with something they’ve never done. If another player has done it, they must eat a piece of candy.[3]
    • “Never have I ever been out of the country.”
    • “Never have I ever seen an R-rated movie.”
    • “Never have I ever done something super embarrassing in the middle of class.”
    • If you want to play for winners and losers, you could say the first person to eat their candy loses (or, conversely, the first person to eat their candy wins).

Singing Bingo

  1. Start by creating a Bingo card (much like the classic game), where every space has a word that is commonly used in songs. All players must then listen to music on the radio; if they hear a song that uses a word on their Bingo card, they can mark off that space. The first person to declare “Bingo!” wins.[5]
    • Commonly overused words in songs include terms like “Oh,” “Babe,” or “Love.”
    • Alternatively, make a set of flashcards with overused words to match your Bingo cards. Have players take turns picking cards and singing a lyric that incorporates whatever word is on the card!
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Makeup Artist


Baby in the Air

  1. Fill at least 10 water balloons with water and have players stand in a circle, with one player in the middle. Then, assign each person a number. The person in the center must call out a number at random, throw a water balloon, and the person whose number was called must try to catch it. Anyone who drops the balloon is out.[7]
    • For example, if your assigned number was 8 and the person in the middle of the group yelled, “Baby in the air, I call number 8,” you’d have to run forward to try and catch the water balloon.
    • At least 8 (or more) players are ideal when playing Baby in the Air.
    • Play this game outdoors if you can; popped water balloons can get messy.
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Scavenger Hunt

  1. First, create a wild and imaginative scavenger hunt list full of things for players to track down. Scout out the area for the scavenger hunt ahead of time to make your list and ensure everything your players will need is there. Then, hand out the lists and let the hunt begin! The first person (or team) to find and take pictures of everything wins the game.[8]
    • Items on a scavenger hunt list tend to vary by the location the hunt is held in.
    • For example, if you have a scavenger hunt in a mall, you might ask players to find things like “the most expensive shoes in Macy’s” or “meat lovers’ pizza at the food court.”
    • You could also create an Instagram hashtag (like #ValleyMallScavengerHunt or #AlexBDayHunt) for all the participants to use as they post their scavenger hunt photos.

Balloon War

  1. Blow up enough balloons for every player to get 3, and have them write their name on those 3 balloons. Then, each player must try to pop one another’s balloons however they can, using an object no sharper than a crayon. Each balloon symbolizes a “life,” and the last person standing with a balloon wins the game.
    • Balloon War is a game of strategy! You can’t hide any of your balloons (they have to be on your person no matter what), but you can hide with them.
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Emoji Pictionary

  1. In essence, this is Pictionary with emojis instead of pencils and paper! Split into teams; when it’s your turn to “draw,” think of a book, movie, or TV show and try to spell it out with a string of emojis while your team guesses what it is. If they guess correctly, you get a point—and the team with the most points wins.
    • If you have a Pictionary board game on hand, you can also use that for emoji prompts. Avoid prompts that can be depicted with 1 emoji, as those are too obvious; for example, a secret word like “banana” would be easy to guess.

The Caller

  1. First and foremost, make sure you’re playing this game at night! Start by turning off all the lights in the house or building, or begin the game in an unlit outdoor area. One person (The Caller) must hide while everyone else tries to find them. The Caller can call players to hint at their location but must keep moving around to evade them simultaneously.[9]
    • Once somebody finally finds The Caller, the game ends!
    • This is a great party game to play inside or outside, so long as you play it at night for that exciting, mysterious, and slightly creepy vibe.
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Mummify Me

  1. Begin the game by splitting into groups of 3. Each group gets a few rolls of toilet paper and must choose a teammate to be the “mummy.” Then, at the same time, the competing groups must try to wrap their teammates in toilet paper from head to toe, and the first team to finish their mummy wins.[10]
    • If you want to change the game, teams could win based on creativity rather than timing. For example, if one team made a decorative toilet paper bow or colored the paper with a marker, they could win points for originality.

Guess the Tune

  1. Make a playlist or burn a CD with some popular songs that most of your players will likely recognize. To begin, play either the first few seconds, the last few seconds, or a brief snippet from the middle of the song. Then, let players try to guess the song title and sing a few lines from it. The player with the most correct guesses wins.[11]
    • When players are trying to guess the song, ensure they make their guesses one at a time. The person to raise their hand the fastest gets the first try, and if they don’t get it, someone else can choose to make a guess.
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Sock Wrestling

  1. This game can be played with 2 players at a time; they must begin by lying on the floor near one another, wearing socks (but no shoes or other footwear). Then, at the same time, they must try to maneuver both socks off of their feet without using their hands at all. The player who does it the fastest wins the game!
    • If the game starts to get old after a while, you could amp it up by changing the rules and having players race to put on socks using just their feet instead.
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  1. On your turn, roll dice to move around the board. When you enter a room on the board, you can ask a question (guessing the murderer, weapon, and room) and get a clue from a fellow player. To win the Clue board game, you need to discover 3 details of a murder plot: who did it, the weapon they used, and the room it took place in.[12]
    • You’ll play as one of the 6 possible suspects, exploring the mansion of the murder victim—Mr. Boddy—to collect evidence. Once you gather enough clues to solve the case, make an accusation and win the game.
    • If you and your friends are in the mood for a classic “whodunnit,” then play a game of Clue and whet your mystery-solving appetite!
    • Ensure you have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 players for your game of Clue.

Uno Attack

  1. In the classic card game, players start with a hand of 7 cards and must take turns trying to empty their hand by matching a card in their hand to the top of the discard pile according to number or color. Players with 1 card remaining must immediately yell “Uno,” and the first player to get rid of all their cards wins. Uno Attack also adds a card machine that spits cards if you can’t find a match in your hand.
    • With the addition of the Uno Attack card machine, the game becomes more exciting and challenging for everyone.
    • Uno Attack can accommodate a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 10 players.
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Apples to Apples

  1. Each round, a judge is appointed from among the players, and they must draw a “green apple” card (which has an adjective on it). Then, the rest of the players have to play a “red apple” card (which has a noun on it), and the judge must decide which red card best matches the green. The goal of Apples to Apples is to win the most green cards before the game ends.[13]
    • For example, if the judge picked a green card that had, “Cute” for its adjective, and two of the red cards in your hand were “Flipper” and “Milk Duds,” you might play the Flipper card (since dolphins are often considered cute).
    • Play Apples to Apples with a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 10.

Catan Board Game

  1. Catan is a strategy game in which you can build your own civilization. Play Catan by setting up an outpost on the board. Then, on each turn, roll the dice to determine which resource cards you’ll collect (if any) and use those cards to build towns, cities, and roads. You can also offer to trade with another player for resources you need. You’ll gain victory points for building your civilization, and the first player to get 10 points wins![14]
    • Catan can ordinarily be played with 2 to 4 players, but there are also expansion packs that bring the total number of potential players to 6.
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