Generate a fun nickname for yourself or a friend

Whether you want something catchy to call your friends by or a mysterious name to help you go incognito, creating a cool nickname is a great way to stand out from the crowd! Making a fun nickname can be as simple as shortening someone’s real name, or you can invent something unique using an inside joke or punny phrase. Whatever type of nickname you want to make, you'll craft a perfect one by following the simple steps below!

How to Make a Cool Nickname

Shorten a name into one syllable or lengthen it by adding the letters “-ey” or “-ie.” You can also create a cool nickname by incorporating a hobby or personality trait, like “Chef” if you like to cook or “Chuckles” if you have a giggly personality.

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11 Ways to Create a Cool Nickname

  1. The most basic and common type of nickname is a shortened version of someone’s real name. For example, Alexander is shortened to Alex or Al, Katherine to Kate or Katie, Richard to Rick or Dick, and so on.[1]
    • You can also lengthen your name by adding an “ee” sound with the letters “-ey” or “-ie.”
    • For example, the name Hazel can become “Hazey,” or the name “Fran” can become “Frannie.”
  2. Combine the first letter of your first and last names or the first letter of your first and middle names. Going by your initials can help differentiate you from others if you have a common name or make a difficult or long name easier to pronounce.[2]
    • This works well if your middle or last name begins with “J,” “D,” or “T.”
    • For example, Daniel Joseph can be shortened to “DJ,” Andrew Johnson to “AJ,” Jonathon Jameson to “JJ,” or James Taylor to “JT.”
  3. You can also abbreviate or shorten your last name. For example, someone with the name Alison Tadmor could go by just “Tadmor” or the shorter “Tadz.”
    • This works well in sports or at work, especially if you have a common first name.
    • Most athletes go by their last name since it’s on the back of their jerseys.
  4. Think of a good feature about yourself or a friend and use that as inspiration for a nickname. For example, the 16th U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln, is often called “Honest Abe” for his integrity.
    • Be careful not to offend anyone and focus on positive, not negative, attributes.
    • If someone is smart, call them “Prof” or “Doc.”
    • Similarly, a creative person could be called “Muse” or “Da Vinci.”
  5. Find inspiration from where you’re from or what you do. You can go by “Chef” if you like to cook, “Mustang” if you like cars, or “Wormy” if you like to read.[3]
    • These nicknames could apply to hobbies or your actual occupation.
    • Some people assign career-based nicknames to differentiate two people they know with the same name.
    • For example, they may distinguish between two friends named “Hannah” in conversation by referring to them as “Teacher Hannah” and “Dentist Hannah.”
  6. Some states have nicknames specific to them, like how people from Indiana are called “Hoosiers.” You could also call a friend who lives in the city a “City Slicker” or combine a name with an alliterative geography word like “Southern Sammy” or “Townie Tim.”
  7. Many cultures and languages use diminutives to add more affection to a name. If you or the person you’re creating a cool nickname for has a cultural heritage or family tradition regarding names, you can craft the nickname using those.
    • Spanish speakers often add “-ito” or “-ita” to the end of the name, like Sara → Sarita or Juan → Juanito.[4]
    • In Indian languages like Hindi or Tamil, they often take the first syllable and add “u,” like Namrata → Namu or Ashvini → Ashu.[5]
    • In Japanese, suffixes like “kun” (くん) or chan (ちゃん) are added to male and female names, respectively.[6]
  8. Rediscovering a nickname from childhood can be a fun way to bring nostalgia and uniqueness to your name. Ask parents or family members about any cute or funny nicknames they used to use.
    • For example, maybe your best friend’s parents called her “Ducky” as a toddler because her favorite toy was a rubber duck.
    • If she’s okay with it, you could start calling her “Ducky” now that you’re older!
  9. Revive a nickname that used to be popular but has since fallen out of use. For example, nicknames “Slick,” “Skippy,” “Biff,” “Dottie,” and “Kittie” were all popular in the 1940s and 1950s. Popular nicknames during the Victorian Era include “Josie,” “Millie,” “Maisie,” “Fritz,” and “Augie.”[7]
    • Look for inspiration from old TV shows or movies.
    • For example, character nicknames on the The Little Rascals include Alfalfa, Junior, Froggy, Pineapple, and Buckwheat.
    • The popular musical and movie Grease (1978) includes members of the “Pink Ladies” (Rizzo, Frenchy, and Marty) and the “T-Birds” (Doody and Kenickie).[8]
  10. Make a pun or anagram from the first or last name. For example, if someone’s name is Ellie, you could call them “‘Ells Bells” as a play off the phrase “hells bells.”
    • To make an anagram from someone’s name, rearrange the letters like the singer “Halsey” did to create a stage name from her real first name, “Ashley.”[9]
    • Add an alliterative word or rhyme to the name, like “Groovy Greta” or “Anna Banana.”
  11. Reference a famous movie, celebrity, or song related to the name you want to create a nickname for. For example, you could call a friend named “Emma” either “Eminem” after the rapper or “Baby Spice” after Emma Bunton.
    • You could even use viral videos and memes to nickname your friend, like giving the nickname “Damn Daniel” to your friend Dan as a reference to the famous Vine video.
  12. If you can’t come up with a cool nickname on your own, use a random nickname generator. Some generators, like this one, are more generic and use information like your legal name and adjectives that describe you to create your nickname.
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Examples of Cool Nicknames

  1. Choose from this list of cool and funny nicknames to find one for you or a friend! While these silly nicknames are more generic, you should look for one that encapsulates the personality of the person you want to create a nickname for.[10]
    • Cheeky Monkey
    • Chuckles
    • Fun-size
    • Firecracker
    • Egghead
    • Goofy
    • Hot Stuff
    • Macgyver
    • Noodles
    • Nugget
    • Smoosh
    • Zippy
  2. Choose a cool nickname that represents someone’s rebel attitude and tough demeanor. Take cues from nicknames used by famous boxers, political activists, or other historical renegades.[11]
    • Wolf
    • Butcher
    • Thunder
    • Cobra
    • Sweetpea
    • Golden Boy
    • Hurricane
    • Blade
  3. Choose a sweet nickname for your forever friends. These nicknames should reflect your close bond with and affection for the person you give it to. Test out some of these nicknames to see if they fit your best friend or closest confidante:[12]
    • Boo
    • Ride or Die
    • Bestie
    • Twinsie
    • Buttercup
    • Pancake
    • Bee
    • Homie
  4. Use pet names or terms of endearment as a nickname for a significant other or spouse. These names can range from sweet to goofy, but they should convey to your partner how much you care for them![13]
    • Princess
    • Buttercup
    • Love Bug
    • Darling
    • Honey Bunches
    • Dream Boat
    • McDreamy
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How to Start Using a Cool Nickname

  1. If the nickname is for you, use it as your username on social media profiles or online forums. Make sure the nickname feels natural and authentic to you, and see if it sticks! If the nickname is for someone else, try it out on them when no one else is around.
    • If you start using a nickname for someone else and they find it annoying or inappropriate, don’t use it anymore.
    • Inappropriate nicknames may reference bad habits, negatively portray someone’s physical appearance or weight, or are sexually explicit.
  2. If you start using a nickname for yourself or someone else and others don’t pick up on it, don’t stress about it! The nickname may not feel natural to other people, or they may have their own nicknames that they prefer to use.
  3. A perfectly cool nickname may not happen overnight. Feel free to adjust your nickname until it feels right for you. Remember that many nicknames are not created intentionally but happen naturally due to some inside joke or funny incident.
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Community Q&A

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    How can you get nickname out of Ellie Sofia?
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    Community Answer
    You have all kinds of options: Sofie, Fia, Fifi, El, Lee, Lia, Eli, Elsie, etc.
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    What's a good nickname for Elke (pronounced Elka)?
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    Elkie or Kiki are cute names.
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    What is a good nickname for Sage?
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    Sage is a very pretty name, and very short, making it hard to make nicknames out of it. Maybe try "Say".



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