Being the best person in the world isn't really possible, because everyone loves someone, everyone is good at something, everyone is different and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, aiming to be the closest you can to "the best" that you can be will ensure that your talents and abilities are brought forth.

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Taking care of your body

  1. Use basic grooming to stay clean and neat. Brush your hair regularly and keep it well washed. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Avoid getting caught up in beauty regimes that suck away time you could be using more productively to play sport, read a book, get more sleep or invent a new life-changing product. Instead, find quick and easy ways that work best for your needs.
    • Soap and water are just as good for keeping clean as any other product and they're cheaper and contain less unknown ingredients. Don't feel that you have to slather on shower gel, bath lotion or smelly products unless you really enjoy these items.
  2. Join a sports team or just go for a run or jog every day or few days. Eat healthy, don't stuff yourself with junk food and sit at the computer all day.[1]
    • Eat seasonal foods; these are nutritionally better for you as they haven't been stored as long. Eat locally, the food won't have traveled as far and will also be nutritionally good for you.
    • Find a sport or form of exercise that works for you. Don't assume that you have to use the gym, jog or do crossfit if you don't enjoy them. There are plenty of ways to stay active and feel good about what you're doing to stay fit. Look for your preferred ones and link up with friends who also enjoy the same activities.
    • If you don't want to go outside to exercise, know that you still could do simple exercises at hone. You could to crunches, sit ups, push ups, curl ups and pull ups. You could also watch a fitness DVD and follow along with them.[2]
  3. Don't assume that you have to use them and always be informed about what the products are made from and what the ingredients might mean for your health and well-being. In some cases, products can cause allergic reactions, which is not healthy for you. Check out the Safe Cosmetics website at and the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database at, so that you can make informed choices about the makeup products you choose to use.
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Taking care of your mind

  1. Have the best grades that you can by studying in a focused and purposeful manner. Try as hard as you can in school––never think "it's just a test." Instead, think "This is a test! What if it counts? Even if it doesn't count for much, I want to do the best that I can, for my own sake!"[3]
  2. Learn to think critically, ask questions and assume nothing. The world is filled with polarized opinions that cause arguments daily, and much of this is wasteful rather than productive because it assumes there are only two sides to any argument, when in actual fact there is often a multitude of opinions, ideas and solutions. Seek them all out, so as to be well informed and fully aware. Learn to spot the difference between serious thinking and blabbermouths. Always find out the facts before reaching conclusions about people, situations and incidents.
    • If your school doesn't cater to critical thinking, look for online courses from reputable universities and colleges that do. Take a course in your own time.
  3. Loving who you are and knowing that you're beautiful without having to change your body or yourself will help you to be more confident and self-assured. [4]
    • Say who you are and be what you say! Realize that over time, you may well change considerably and it's called maturing––such personal growth is normal as you continue to learn more about yourself, other people and the world in general. You are always a work in progress, so be prepared to be a lifelong learner. If anyone suggests you are being fake or insincere for changing over time, be careful not to confuse this with the natural changes every person undergoes and someone who is actually fickle enough to constantly change their mind. These are two very different things.
    • Don't change for a boy, or to be friends with the "popular girls." Just be yourself. Make them like you for who you are. Not for you trying to act different. Just you! Any changes you do make should be made because you want to become the best that you can be, not because someone has criticized you.
    • Learn to understand other people's motives. Not everyone has sincere or genuine reasons for suggesting you be a certain way. People have many reasons that are about themselves, such as jealousy, fear, a sense of living through someone else, etc. Don't be afraid to probe other people's motivations and only accept criticism that is fair judgment and relevant to improving yourself.
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Taking care of your daily actions

  1. Being organized is key to being the best girl ever. Even the prettiest and happiest girls can be caught up in clutter. Lay out your clothes every morning, make your bed, keep your room clean, and always have the project that is due ready for the next day at school![5]
  2. This might be yoga, meditation, swimming laps of the pool, going for a walk, etc. Do whatever helps you to find a calm space amid the busyness of your life. This will allow you to cope with times of stress better, such as during exams or relationship breakups.[6]
    • Relax. Daily meditation or affirmations can be useful for keeping you both relaxed and focused on the purpose that you've chosen for yourself.
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Taking care of your relationships

  1. Be likeable. Be likeable by being best friends with everyone without preferring a clique. Try to be outgoing and happy, be a force for good around other people. Make friends, and stay busy. Not only will this make you the best, but it can increase your joy around other people and it can prevent stress.
    • Avoid gossiping and the gossips. It's fine to share information and news with one another but don't embellish it and turn it into mean, thoughtless and unkind words about other people. You wouldn't like it if somebody insulted you so don't do it back. Someone day, it'll get back to them and it could easily also be you.
    • Do not spread rumors––instead, stop such things in their tracks by demanding to know who would be so unkind to say such things and that you don't think there's an ounce of truth in secondhand news.
    • Be a defender. Defend people who are in the weaker position by stating the obvious, that the bullying, thoughtless or mean person is being unkind, lacking in manners and is lacking in the facts.[7]
  2. Keep up with trends, you don't have to follow them though. Just keep up with what's going on, keep up with the drama in school, just don't participate in it. Knowing what's going on will allow you to have your finger on the pulse, to avoid the drama and to be on top of anything that might affect you.
  3. If you listen to them, they will appreciate your respect and will in turn listen to you as well. If you help your parents around the house and by being a good listener, they will treat you as responsible. This will benefit you greatly.
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Being the best girl ever isn't really possible since everyone has flaws. All you can do is work on being the best version of yourself and accepting the parts about yourself that you can't change. Try to focus on loving yourself for who you are, since being confident will make you feel great. If someone wants you to change, don't do it! Any changes you make should be for your own self-improvement, not for other people. To take good care of your body, exercise regularly, and eat healthy foods. If you want to improve in school, study often and ask questions whenever you can. Staying organized will also help you do better in school, so keep your room tidy and lay out your outfit the night before. While school is important, you might also join some extracurricular activities to make friends and learn some new skills. To learn how to stay up to date on beauty products, read on!

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