Zeit Wissen

Zeit Wissen is a bi-monthly popular science magazine published in Germany.[1] The magazine is spun off from the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit.[2] The German phrase "Zeit Wissen" literally translates to "Time-Knowledge," and refers to the up-to-the-minute nature of the magazine's subject matter and focus.

Zeit Wissen
Editor-in-chiefAndreas Lebert
CategoriesScience magazine
Circulation89,023 (second half of 2012)
PublisherZeitverlag Gerd Bucerius
Founded2004 (2004)
CompanyZeitverlag Gerd Bucerius
Based inHamburg
WebsiteZeit Wissen


Zeit Wissen was launched in 2004.[3][4] The magazine is published by Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius.[3][5] The first editor-in-chief of the magazine was Christoph Drösser.[4] The editor-in-chief of the magazine is Andreas Lebert who was appointed to the post in August 2013, replacing Jan Schweitzer.[5]

The magazine frequently is compared to the American publication Wired, in that it covers the "cutting edge" of such diverse topics as technology, science, history, fashion, modern lifestyles, avant-garde art, photography, health, and even food. In February 2012 Zeit Wissen started its news section, Environment and Society.[3]

Zeit Wissen offers annually encouraging sustainability award.[3]

The 2007 circulation of Zeit Wissen was 71,297 copies.[6] The circulation of the bi-monthly was 89,023 for the second part of 2012.[1]

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