U Minh Thượng National Park

U Minh Thượng National Park or National Park of Upper U Minh (Vietnamese language: Vườn quốc gia U Minh Thượng) is a national park in the province of Kiên Giang, Vietnam.[2]

U Minh Thượng National Park
U Minh Thượng National Park
Location in Vietnam
Locationmiền Nam Việt Nam
Nearest cityRạch Giá
Coordinates9°35′00″N 105°5′0″E
Area80.53 km2 (30 square miles)
Established14 January 2002
Governing bodyUBND of Kiên Giang Province
Official nameU Minh Thuong National Park
Designated30 April 2015
Reference no.2228[1]


It was established according to decision number 11/2002/QĐ-TTg, dated 14 January 2002, signed by then Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng. This decision turned the U Minh Thuong Nature Reserve into U Minh Thuong National Park.

Area and location

The park covers approximately 80.53 km2 (30 square miles) with the nearest city being Rạch Giá

Flora and fauna

U Minh Thuong National Park is widely considered the richest region of the Mekong delta in terms of plant and animal biodiversity.[3] It boasts of over 243 plant species.[2] The park has a rich and varied mammalian population, totaling an impressive 32 species, including hairy-nosed otters and fishing cats. U Minh Thuong National Park is a haven for rare and endangered birds. A total of 187 species of birds has been recorded here, including the oriental darter, spot-billed pelican, black-headed ibis, glossy ibis, greater spotted eagle and Asian golden weaver.[4] There are also a total of 39 amphibian species and 34 species of fish in the park. Both the saltwater crocodile and the Siamese crocodile were once found here, but a 2002 study concluded that both species were extinct in the park.[5]

First Indochina War and Vietnam War

During the First Indochina War the U Minh Forest was a Viet Minh stronghold. In 1952, 500 French paratroopers dropped into the U Ming forest to attack Viet Minh and were never heard from again.[6] During the Vietnam War it was a Vietcong base area.[7] Officers Humbert Roque Versace and James N. Rowe of the United States Army were captured by the Vietcong during a battle in the U Minh Forest in October 1963. Versace was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by American Military and Rowe escaped five years later.[8] American politician John Kerry commanded a Swift boat in the area during the Vietnam War, known as the American War in Vietnam.


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