"The ASEAN Way" is the official anthem of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The lyrics were written by Payom Valaiphatchra[lower-alpha 1] and the music composed by Kittikhun Sodprasert[lower-alpha 2] and Sampow Tri-udom.[lower-alpha 3][1] The anthem was the winning entry out of 99 finalists from all ten ASEAN countries in a competition held in 2008 to establish an official anthem.[2]


Official anthem of  ASEAN
Also known asSoutheast Asian Anthem
LyricsPayom Valaiphatchra
  • Kittikhun Sodprasert
  • Sampow Tri-udom
Adopted20 November 2008
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ASEAN Anthem Competition

In 2008, a competition was launched and was announced throughout all the member states of ASEAN in a bid to find an official anthem to replace the formerly de facto regional anthem, ASEAN Hymn, which was considered as lacking in gusto and passion by several member states. The competition was open to all the nationals of ASEAN, limiting to 20 entries per member state. The winning entry received over US$20,000 in reward and was declared as the official regional anthem of Southeast Asia. The panel of judges unanimously voted "The ASEAN Way" as the official regional anthem of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in the final round on 20 November 2008.[2][3]


  • Language: English
  • The anthem should reflect ASEAN dignity, cooperation, and solidarity.
  • Should reflect ASEAN's diverse culture and ethnicity
  • Should be an original composition
  • Must not be longer than 60 seconds[3]

Panel of judges

And three non-ASEAN judges:


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  2. Thai: กิตติคุณ สดประเสริฐ; RTGS: Kittikhun Sotprasoet
  3. Thai: สำเภา ไตรอุดม; RTGS: Samphao Trai-u-dom


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