Taro dumpling

Taro dumpling (Chinese: 芋角; Jyutping: wu6 gok2; Cantonese Yale: wuhgók) is a variety of dim sum served within Chinese cuisine.[1] It is a standard dish in dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong and around the world. Among overseas Chinatowns, it is often sold as a Chinese pastry. It is also known as taro croquette,[2] deep fried taro dumpling,[3] deep fried taro dumpling puff,[4] or simply taro dumpling [5]

Taro dumpling
Taro dumpling
TypeDim sum
Place of originChina
Main ingredientsTaro, ground pork
Taro dumpling
Traditional Chinese芋頭
Simplified Chinese芋头
Jyutpingwu6tau2 gok3
Cantonese Yalewuhtáu gok
Hanyu Pinyinyùtóu jiǎo
Literal meaningtaro dumpling

The outer shell is made from a thick layer of taro that has been boiled and mashed. The filling is made from seasoned ground pork. The dumpling is deep fried, and the outermost layer of taro becomes crisp, light, and fluffy.

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