Tarla Dalal

Tarla Dalal (3 June 1936 – 6 November 2013) was an Indian food writer, chef, cookbook author and host of cooking shows.[1][2] Her first cook book, The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking, was published in 1974. Since then, she wrote over 100 books and sold more than 10 million copies. She also ran the largest Indian food web site, and published a bi-monthly magazine, Cooking & More. Her cooking shows included The Tarla Dalal Show and Cook It Up With Tarla Dalal. Her recipes were published in about 25 magazines and tried in an estimated 120 million Indian homes.[3]

Tarla Dalal
Born3 June 1936
Died (aged 77)
Occupation(s)food writer, cookbook author, tv chef
Years active1966-2013

Though she wrote about many cuisines and healthy cooking, she specialized in Indian cuisine, particularly Gujarati cuisine.[4] She was awarded the Padma Shri by Government of India in 2007,[5] which made her the only Indian from the field of cooking to have been conferred the title.[6] She was also awarded Women of the Year by Indian Merchants' Chamber in 2005.[7]

She died on 6 November 2013 following a heart attack.[8]

Early life

She was born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra, India. In 1960, she married Nalin Dalal and relocated to Bombay (now Mumbai).[9]


Dalal started conducting cooking classes from her home in 1966, which led to the publication of her first cook book, The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking in 1974. The book has sold over 1.5 million copies. Over time, her popularity grew and she became a household name, with housewives and chefs swearing by her recipes.

Tarla Dalal is credited with introducing and popularizing foreign cuisines to the masses. She created vegetarian versions of a lot of non-vegetarian recipes from foreign lands. She revolutionized the cooking industry in India and is the most sold cookbook author in India.

Her books have been translated into numerous languages including Dutch, Russian, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali. She also published cooking magazines. In 2007, she started her 'Total Health Series' cookbook series.[10]

Her range of ready-to-cook mixes, Tarla Dalal Mixes, was acquired by International Bestfoods Ltd. in 2000.[11]

During the 2005 JAINA Convention in San Francisco USA, she conducted cooking demonstrations together with Dr. Manoj Jain.[12]

Dalal died at her residence on 6 November 2013 following a heart attack.[13]

Personal life

Tarla Dalal had three children Sanjay, Deepak and Renu with her husband, Nalin, who died in 2005. She lived in an apartment on Napean Sea Road in South Mumbai.[9]


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