Sunan Kudus

Sunan Kudus (born Ja'far Shadiq; 1500-1550), founder of Kudus, is considered to be one of the Wali Sanga of Java, Indonesia.

Sunan Kudus
Sayyid Ja'far Shodiq Azmatkhan's name in Islamic calligraphy
Died1550 (aged 50)
EmployerDemak Sultanate
TitleWaliyyul Ilmi

He is said to have originated the wayang golek,[1] and founded the masjid at Kudus using (it is said) the doors from the palace of Majapahit.


He was born Ja'far ash-Shadiq, the son of Sunan Ngudung and Syarifah (sibling of Sunan Bonang), thus the grandson of Sunan Ampel. It is said that he was the son of an Egyptian sultan who had migrated to Java. In the Sultanate of Demak, he was appointed commander of the army. He went forth with Sultan Prawata, battling against Adipati Jipang and Arya Penangsang.

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