Su-ngai Kolok

Su-ngai Kolok (Thai: สุไหงโกลก, Malay: Sungai Golok) is a border town, subdistrict, and district on the Malaysia-Thailand Border in Narathiwat Province, Thailand. It is one of the largest and most prosperous districts in Narathiwat Province. It is also one of the major economic centers in the southern part of Thailand. It is capital of the Su-ngai Kolok District. As of 2005, the town (thesaban mueang) had a population of 38,612. Across the border is Rantau Panjang, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Su-ngai Kolok
Su-ngai Kolok
Location in Thailand
Coordinates: 6°2′N 101°58′E
DistrictSu-ngai Kolok
SubdistrictSu-ngai Kolok
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)


Su-ngai Kolok is in the southeastern part of the province. Adjacent areas are: in the north is Su-ngai Padi and Tak Bai; in the east, Kelantan (Malaysia); in the south, Kelantan (Malaysia) and Wan; in the west Su-ngai Padi.


The word "su-ngai" is Malay and means 'river'. Golok is also Malay and means 'traditional sword'. Therefore, Su-ngai Golok means 'sword river'.


The township was upgraded to town (thesaban mueang) status on 20 February 2004.


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