Seraphim Medal

The Seraphim Medal (Swedish: Serafimermedaljen) is a royal medal of Sweden. Established in 1748, it is awarded by the King of Sweden for service that benefits society or service of a humanitarian nature.[2]

Seraphim Medal
Obverse of the Seraphim Medal
TypeMedal of a royal order
Awarded forOutstanding services of a humanitarian nature or of general benefit to society
DescriptionFront shows Frederick I of Sweden and the inscription ”FREDERICUS D. G. REX SUECIAE” (Frederick by the Grace of God King of the Swedes, the Goths and the Wends).

The back shows the Collar of the Order of the Seraphim with the inscription ”ORDO EQ. SERAPHIN. RESTAURATUS NATALI REGIS LXXIII” (The Knightly Order of the Seraphim. Reestablished in the Kings 73rd year.).

Around the collar one can see the motto of the medal: ”PROCERES CUM PRINCIPE NECTIT”, and below the year 1748.

The medal is worn suspended in golden links.
Country Sweden
Presented bythe King of Sweden
Motto”Proceres cum principe nectit”
First awarded1748, Olof Ström
Last awardedJanuary 28, 2019
Hédi Fried
Next (lower)H. M. The King's Medal 8th and 5th size[1]
RelatedOrder of the Seraphim


The Seraphim Medal is a gold medal of the 8th size. The obverse of the medal bears the effigy of King Frederick I with the inscription above FREDERICUS D.G. REX SUECIAE. The reverse of the medal bears these words in the centre: ORDO EQ SERAPHIN · RESTAURATUS NATALI REGIS LXXIII · (Order of the Seraphim restored on the seventy-third birthday of the King). Surrounding all of this is the collar of the Order of the Seraphim. Circumscribing the collar is the inscription PROCERES CUM REGE NECTIT 1748 (It unites the Foremost with the Prince).[3]


Since 1973, the medal has only been awarded to the following fifteen people:[4]

  • Britta Holmström, 1973
  • Jacob Wallenberg, 1975
  • Sven Romanus, 1980
  • Gösta Wallin, 1980
  • Sven Edling, 1984
  • Olof Rydbeck, 1987
  • Henry Montgomery, 1998
  • Carl Axel Petri, 1998
  • Peter Wallenberg, 2000
  • Carl-Gustaf Andrén, 2002
  • Hans Blix, 2004
  • Sture Linnér, 2008
  • Herbert Blomstedt, 2012
  • Stig Strömholm, 2012
  • Hédi Fried, 2019


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