Sarikei Division

Sarikei Division is one of the twelve administrative divisions in Sarawak, Malaysia. Formerly part of the Third Division, which included Sibu and Kapit, Sarikei Division has a total area of 4,332.4 square kilometres (1,672.7 sq mi), and is the second smallest of the administrative divisions of Sarawak.

Local area government(s)Majlis Daerah Sarikei (MDS)
Majlis Daerah Meradong dan Julau (MDMJ) (Meradong and Julau and Pakan
  Total4,332.4 km2 (1,672.7 sq mi)
  Density27/km2 (70/sq mi)
ResidentFelicia Tan Ya Hua
License plate prefixQR
WebsiteSarikei Administrative Division

Sarikei Division contains four administrative districts: Sarikei, Meradong, Julau and Pakan.

History and background

The early history of Sarikei can be traced as far back as the early 19th century. There are many historical events to show its existence. Rajah James Brooke first visited Sarikei on 30 April 1845. There was also resistance from the local people towards Brooke's administration, including the burning of Sarikei on 4 January 1856 and the Julau Expedition on 19 June 1856, which was led by Sir Charles Brooke to counter the native resistance in Julau.

The establishment of Sarikei as a new division was mainly based on security consideration. Datu Wilson Baya Dandot, the Deputy State Secretary (Planning and Development) in his article entitled "Sarawak’s Unique Administrative Identity: Establishment of Divisional, District and Sub-District Machinery For Enhancing Development Administration" said that the establishment of Sarikei as the Sixth Division then was due to the security threats posed by the communist insurgency which was at its height at that time. It was felt that with the establishment of a new Sarikei Division the government would be able to concentrate and focus more in its efforts to contain and counter the security problem in the area.[2]

Residents Roll of Honor

  • Chin Ting Ming
  • Datuk Wan Hashim Bin Tuanku Taha
  • Tuan Hj Adenan B Hj Aman
  • Tuan Hj Mohd Iskandar B Abdullah
  • Noel Hudson Laga
  • Patrick Rigep Nuek
  • Nilie Tangai
  • Jolhi B Hj Saar
  • Tuan Hj Mohd Atei Abang Medaan
  • Liaw Soon Eng
  • Sim Nyuk Foh
  • Isaka Kana


The total population is 115,529.[3] The population is ethnically mixed, with half of the population is Iban followed by Melanau, Malay, Bidayuh and Chinese predominating. The majority of the people live in Sarikei town.

Sarikei Division ethnic statistics [4][5]
Administrative district Total
Malay Iban Bidayuh Melanau Other
Chinese Indian Other
Sarikei 56,228 9,192 18,559 456 3,933 594 21,772 116 370 1,236
Meradong 28,713 4,450 12,322 217 1,489 282 8,731 93 92 1,037
Julau 15,449 245 14,504 59 60 94 435 7 12 30
Pakan 15,139 125 14,423 26 39 136 289 13 35 53
Total Sarikei Division 115,529 14,012 59,808 758 5,521 1,106 31,227 229 509 2,356


The economy of the division is mostly agricultural. Sarikei Division produces more pepper than any other divisions in Sarawak. It is also famous for fruits, especially pineapples and oranges. The timber industry, as elsewhere in Sarawak, is also a major component of the local economy.


Administrative districts of Sarikei Division.

Members of Parliament

ParliamentMember of Parliament Party
P206 Tanjung ManisYB Tuan Yusuf Abd Wahab GPS (PBB)
P208 SarikeiYB Tuan Wong Ling Biu PH (DAP)
P209 JulauYB Tuan Larry S'ng IND

Member of State Assembly

# Constituency Member of state assembly Party Preceded by
N41 Kuala Rajang (previously known as Belawai) Len Talif Salleh BN-PBB Len Talif Salleh
N42 Semop Abdullah Saidol BN-PBB Abdullah Saidol
N45 Repok Huang Tiong Sii BN-SUPP Wong Hua Seh
N46 Meradong Ding Kuong Hiing BN-SUPP Ting Tze Fui
N47 Pakan William Mawan Ikom BN William Mawan Ikom
N48 Meluan Rolland Duat Jubin BN-SPDP Wong Judat


Sarikei is the centre of the administrative division and it can be reached by land, water and air transportation via Sibu Airport.

Public transport

Kuching International AirportSibu AirportFlight35–40 minutes
Sibu AirportSarikeiBus/Taxi (from Sibu Town Centre)64 km/45 minutes
Terminal Ekspress Bintawa, KuchingTerminal 1, SarikeiExpress bot3 hours 30 minutes
Kuching SentralTerminal Bas Ekspress SarikeiExpress bus360 km/6 hours

Own transport

One also can drive from Kuching to Sarikei (360 km/6 hours) or from Sibu to Sarikei (64 km/45 minutes).

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