Saint-Marcellin is a soft French cheese made from cow's milk. Named after the small town of Saint-Marcellin (Isère), it is produced in a geographical area corresponding to part of the former Dauphiné province (now included in the Rhône-Alpes région).[1]:162 It is generally small in size, weighing about 80 grams (50% fat), with a mottled creamy-white exterior.[1]:162 The degree of runniness increases with age as the exterior gains blue, then yellow, hues within two to three weeks after production.[1]:162

Country of originFrance
Region, townIsère, Rhone-Alpes
Source of milkcows
Fat content50%
CertificationPGI (Nov. 2013)
Named afterSaint-Marcellin
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It is similar in texture and taste to Saint-Félicien, a larger cheese produced in a different part of the Rhône-Alpes région.

Saint-Marcellin is available in 3 degrees of ripening (affinage): sec, crémeux and bleu.[2]

When Saint-Marcellin is cured in marc brandy for a month or more, it is called Arômes au Gène de Marc. If cured in white wine, it becomes Arômes de Lyon.[3]


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