Roti (wrap)

Originating in the Caribbean with Indian roots, a roti is a wrap style sandwich filled with either curried or sometimes stewed meats or vegetables wrapped inside a dhalpuri,[3] paratha, or dosti roti.[4] Roti is eaten widely across the Caribbean.[5] As Indo-Caribbeans immigrated to other countries, especially in North America and Europe, they brought with them the roti and opened roti shops to sell it.

A roti filled with curried goat and potatoes
Region or stateCaribbean
Created bySackina Karamath in the mid-1940s in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago[1][2]
Main ingredientsCurried meats or vegetables wrapped in a paratha, dhalpuri, or dosti roti
Karamath Roti Shop a.k.a. D' Humming Bird Roti Shop at Coffee Street in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago where the roti wrap was invented

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