Raub District

Raub District is a district in Pahang, Malaysia. Located in the west of Pahang, the district bordered Lipis District, Jerantut District, Temerloh District, Bentong District and Hulu Selangor District of Selangor clockwisely. Raub district consists of 7 mukim (sub-districts), namely Batu Talam, Sega, Semantan Ulu, Dong, Ulu Dong, Gali and Tras. With an area of 2,271 km², Raub district is situated in west of Pahang and between two range, Titiwangsa Range and Benom Mountain Range. Raub district also is home to Fraser's Hill. The administrative seat of this district is the town of Raub.

Raub District
Daerah Raub
Other transcription(s)
Location of Raub District in Pahang
Raub District
Location of Raub District in Malaysia
Coordinates: 3°50′N 101°50′E
Country Malaysia
State Pahang
Local area government(s)Raub District Council
  District officerHandan Hussin[1]
  Total2,268.33 km2 (875.81 sq mi)
  Density41/km2 (110/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (MST)
  Summer (DST)UTC+8 (Not observed)
27xxx, 49xxx (Fraser's Hill)
Calling code+6-09
Vehicle registration platesC


Historical population
1991 73,085    
2000 79,488+8.8%
2010 91,731+15.4%
2020 96,139+4.8%
Source: [4]

The following is based on Department of Statistics Malaysia 2010 census.[3]

Ethnic groups in Raub, 2010 census

Federal Parliament and State Assembly Seats

Raub district representative in the Federal Parliament (Dewan Rakyat)

ParliamentSeat NameMember of ParliamentParty
P80 RaubChow Yu Hui Pakatan Harapan (DAP)

List of Raub district representatives in the State Legislative Assembly (Dewan Undangan Negeri)

ParliamentStateSeat NameState AssemblymanParty
P80 N6Batu TalamAbdul Aziz Mat KiramPerikatan Nasional (UMNO)
N7TrasTengku Zulpuri Shah Raja PujiPakatan Harapan (DAP)
N8DongShahiruddin Ab MoinPerikatan Nasional (UMNO)


Map of Raub district.

Raub District is divided into 7 mukims, which are:

  • Batu Talam (57,000 Ha)
  • Dong (7,500 Ha)
  • Gali (65,300 Ha)(Capital)
  • Hulu Dong (19,200 Ha)
  • Sega (15,500 Ha)
  • Semantan Hulu (33,400 Ha)
  • Teras (29,000 Ha)


  • Raub
  • Tras
  • Batu Talam
  • Dong
  • Sang Lee
  • Sungai Chetang
  • Fraser's Hill
  • Bukit Koman
  • Simpang Kalang
  • Cheroh
  • Batu 12
  • Sempalit
  • Sungai Ruan
  • Sungai Krau
  • Sungai Lui
  • Sungai Chalit
  • Jenud
  • Sega Lama
  • Ulu Renggol
  • Jeruas
  • Sengkela
  • Chenua
  • Kuala Atok
  • Ulu Atok
  • Jeram Besu
  • Felda Krau
  • Felda Tersang
  • Pos Buntu
  • Felda Lembah Klau

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