Praslin Quarter

Praslin Quarter was a former quarter on the island nation of Saint Lucia. Since at least 2001, it has been a second-order subdivision of the Micoud District.[2] The 2001 and 2010 Census show Praslin as part of the Micoud District. The population of Praslin is 341.[1][3][4]

Former Praslin Quarter in Saint Lucia
Location of Praslin in Micoud District, Saint Lucia
Coordinates: 13.87545°N 60.89717°W / 13.87545; -60.89717 (Praslin city)
CountrySaint Lucia
DistrictMicoud District
2nd-order administrative divisionPraslin
 Praslin 2nd-order subdivision

Places of interest

Other places of interest in the Praslin region are:[1]


An English explorer, Thomas Warner, sent Capt. Judlee with 300-400 Englishmen to establish a settlement at Praslin Bay but they were attacked over three weeks by Caribs, until the few remaining colonists fled on 12 October 1640.[5]

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