People's Welfare Party (Malaysia)

The People's Welfare Party[5] or Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (KITA) is a small political party in Malaysia, based in the state of Kelantan.[6]

Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air
People's Welfare Party
ChiefMasrum Dayat
FounderMusa Salih (AKIM)
Zaid Ibrahim (KITA)
FoundedAKIM-16 February 1995[1]
KITA-19 January 2011[2]
Split fromMalaysian Islamic Party (PAS)
Preceded byMalaysian People Justice Front (AKIM)
HeadquartersPetaling Jaya, Selangor[3]
Youth wingPemuda KITA
IdeologySocial justice
Social democracy
Colours  Orange
Dewan Negara:
0 / 70
Dewan Rakyat:
0 / 222
Dewan Undangan Negeri:
0 / 587

Founded as AKIM (1995)

Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (AKIM)

The party was formerly known as the Malaysian People Justice Front or Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia when it was founded on 16 February 1995. AKIM was founded as a splinter party of Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party in 1995 following internal disagreements by members within the party. A few members from Parti Melayu Semangat 46 also joined the fray following its dissolution in 1996.[7] AKIM contested in the 1999 general elections for the parliamentary seats of Pasir Puteh and Kota Bharu but failed.[8]

In 2008, the party's president, Hanafi Mamat registered itself to participate in the Permatang Pauh by-election, but only managed to catch 92 votes in the election and losing his RM 15,000 deposit in the process. Nevertheless, he hoped that the election could serve as a platform to introduce the party to the nation.[4]

Relaunched as KITA (2011)

On 13 December 2010, AKIM announced that Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has joined its ranks as a party member, with the view of having Zaid lead and revamp AKIM into a viable political party for the coming 13th Malaysian General Elections.[9] The party further explained that Zaid had submitted his membership application to join AKIM in Nov 2010 after his former party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat, accepted Zaid's resignation.

During the party's annual general meeting on 15 December 2010, Zaid Ibrahim was elected as the party's new president (later called "Party Chief"), taking over from Zakaria Salleh, the outgoing president of AKIM.[10] The party also announced that it will be adopting a new name, the People's Welfare Party or Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air.[5]

Zaid Ibrahim also announced that KITA would be a multi-racial democratic party open to all races in Malaysia, and despite its current small size, aims to make an impact in the country's political scene by focusing on goals for the long haul.[11] Zaid also announced that KITA's official party ideology and principles, including its new constitution, manifesto and logo, will be unveiled in Kuala Lumpur on 19 January 2011.

Zaid Ibrahim sought to dissolve KITA in February 2012,[12] and resigned as its chief later that year due to quarrels within the party.[13][14]

Presidents/Party Chief


  • 1995–1998: Musa Salih[7]
  • 1998–1999: Mohd Din Nizam Din (acting)[15]
  • 1999–2002: Mohammad Yusoff[16]
  • 2002–2009: Hanafi Mamat
  • 2009–2010: Zakaria Salleh[17]

Party Chief

General election results

Election Total seats won Seats contested Total votes Voting Percentage Outcome of election Election leader
1995 (as AKIM)
0 / 192
2 ; No representation in Parliament Musa Salih
1999 (as AKIM)
0 / 193
1 ; No representation in Parliament Mohd Din Nizam Din
0 / 222
2 623 0.01% ; No representation in Parliament Masrum Dayat

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