Parti Marhaen Malaysia

Parti Marhaen Malaysia (PMM) was a former left-wing party formed by Ahmad Boestamam.[1]

Parti Marhaen Malaysia
FounderAhmad Boestamam
Founded20 July 1968
Split fromParti Rakyat
Merged intoParti Keadilan Masyarakat Malaysia (PEKEMAS)
HeadquartersKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Political positionLeft-wing


The party were formed by Ahmad Boestamam on 20 July 1968, 8 hours before he left Malaysia for London to pursue legal studies for two and a half years.[2]

They were formed due to disputes between Ahmad Boestamam, the first president of Partai Rakyat, and his successor, Kassim Ahmad, regarding the Marhaenism ideology that was left by the party leadership.[3][4][5]

They were led by the triumvirate of Ishak Surin, Shariff Babol (former founder of Partai Rakyat) and Sheikh Hassan Jaafar.

The party merged with Parti Keadilan Masyarakat Malaysia (PEKEMAS) on 19 July 1974.[6][7]

List of party leaders

#NameTook officeLeft office
1Ahmad Boestamam19681974


The party tried to reinvigorate the Socialist Front coalition before the 1974 elections, but failed.[8][9][10]

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