Papanași is a Romanian and Moldovan traditional fried or boiled pastry.

Papanași, with cherries, at a restaurant, in Sinaia
CourseMain, Dessert
Place of originRomania, Moldova
Main ingredientssoft cheese, jam
Papanași with sour cherries and powdered sugar


Papanași[1] is doughnut-shaped with the doughnut hole on top.[2][3][4] The dough is made with a soft cheese such as urdă, substitutes include ricotta and cottage cheese.[5] Papanași are served covered in crème fraîche or heavy cream or sour cream, and topped with sour cherries or jam or preserves.[6]

Papanași dough can be fried, as a "doughnut", or boiled, as a dumpling, like large gnocchi.[7][8]

Ingredients: semolina or wheat flour, urdă or ricotta or cottage cheese, rum or lemon zest or orange zest, preserves or cherries, sour cream or crème fraîche, vanilla, eggs, sugar, salt, butter, baking soda.[5][4][3]


The word papanași may come from the Latin papa or pappa, which means 'food for children'.[9]


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