Oenology (also enology; /ˈnɒləi/[1][2] ee-NOL-o-jee) is the science and study of wine and winemaking. Oenology is distinct from viticulture, which is the science of the growing, cultivation, and harvesting of grapes.[3] The English word oenology derives from the Greek word oinos (οἶνος) "wine" and the suffix –logia (-λογία) the "study of". An oenologist is an expert in the science of wine and of the arts and techniques for making wine.

Education and training

University programs in oenology and viticulture usually feature a concentration in science for the degree of Bachelor of Science (B.S, B.Sc., Sc.B), and as a terminal master's degree — either in a scientific or in a research program for the degree of Master of Science (M.S., Sc.M.), e.g. the master of professional studies degree. Oenologists and viticulturalists with doctorates often have a background in horticulture, plant physiology, and microbiology. Related to oenology are the professional titles of sommelier and master of wine, which are specific certifications in the restaurant business and in hospitality management. Occupationally, oenologists usually work as winemakers, as wine chemists in commercial laboratories, and in oenologic organisations, such as the Australian Wine Research Institute.


Schools in Australia tend to offer a "bachelor of viticulture" or "master of viticulture" degree.


  • Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul - Bento Gonçalves, Porto Alegre, Feliz, Sertão, Canoas, Porto Alegre-Restinga, Caxias do Sul, Osório, Erechim, and Rio Grande
  • Federal University of Pampa - Dom Pedrito Campus, Rio Grande do Sul



Official National Diploma of Oenology:

  • Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse - Toulouse
  • Jules Guyot Institute - Dijon
  • University of Bordeaux - Bordeaux
  • University of Montpellier I - Montpellier
  • University of Reims - Reims

Other wine diplomas:


  • Hochschule Geisenheim University - Geisenheim [4]



New Zealand


  • Universidad Privada San Juan Bautista - Ingeniería en Enología y Viticultura - Lima, Ica, Chincha


South Africa


  • University of Nova Gorica - School for viticulture and enology - Vipava




  • National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine - Kyiv
  • National University of Food Technologies - Kyiv
  • Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies - Odessa

United Kingdom

United States

Prominent oenologists

  • Alberto Antonini
  • Miguel Brascó
  • Cathy Corison
  • Tullio De Rosa
  • Peter Gago
  • Emma Gao
  • Hermann Jaeger
  • Max Léglise
  • Zelma Long
  • Justin Meyer
  • Hermann Müller (Thurgau)
  • Ottavio Ottavi
  • Jacques Puisais
  • Michel Rolland
  • Carol Shelton
  • Păstorel Teodoreanu
  • Miguel A. Torres
  • Keith Wallace


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