Murgh musallam

Murgh musallam (whole chicken) is a Mughlai dish originating from the Indian subcontinent.[1] It consists of whole chicken marinated in a ginger-garlic paste, stuffed with boiled eggs and seasoned with spices like saffron, cinnamon, cloves, poppy seeds, cardamom and chilli. It is cooked dry or in sauce, and decorated with almonds and silver leaves.[2]

Murgh musallam
CourseMain course
Place of originIndian Subcontinent
Associated cuisineIndia, Bangladesh, Pakistan
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsChicken, tomato, egg, ginger, garlic, onion


Murgh musallam literally means 'whole chicken'.[2] The dish was popular among the royal Mughal families of Awadh, now the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. It also means well done. Ibn Battuta described Murgh Musallam as a favourite dish of Muhammad bin Tughluq.[3] The dish was also served in the Delhi Sultanate.[4]

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