Milo Runkle

Milo Runkle (born April 13, 1984 as Nathan) is a founding partner of Joyful Ventures. He is the co-founder of The Good Food Institute and founder and former president of Mercy For Animals.

Milo Runkle
Nathan Runkle

(1984-04-13) April 13, 1984
Saint Paris, Ohio
OccupationVenture Capital Investor
Known forFounding Partner of Joyful Ventures, Co-Founder of The Good Food Institute, Founder of Mercy For Animals


Milo Runkle is a founding partner of Joyful Ventures—a social-impact venture capital fund investing in the future of animal-free, sustainable proteins. He is one of the most accomplished and well-known figures in the movement to replace animals in our food system. He founded Mercy For Animals, raising over $130 million to help expand farm animal protection work across the globe.

In 2015, Milo helped launch New Crop Capital, a $40 million venture fund that invested in the most impactful alternative protein companies. New Crop Capital was an early investor in Beyond Meat, Miyoko’s, UPSIDE Foods, BluNalu, Good Catch, and over 40 other companies in the space.

Milo co-founded The Good Food Institute—an international nonprofit making animal-free foods the mainstream choice. The Good Food Institute now boasts over 100 team members and five international offices. The Good Food Institute is known as the singularly most impactful organization in the alternative protein space.

Milo is a best-selling author of Mercy For Animals: One Man's Quest to Inspire Compassion and Improve the Lives of Farm Animals, has spoken at the headquarters of tech giants like Google, and his work has been featured in every major media outlet in the United States, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. His work has attracted the support of such notable figures as Jack Welch (GE), Dustin Moskovitz (Facebook), Joe Gebbia (Airbnb), Joaquin Phoenix, Greta Thunberg, and Dr. Jane Goodall.

He has worked with the world’s largest food companies—including Walmart, Nestle, and McDonald's to successfully modernize their purchasing practices in ways that improve the lives of over 2 billion animals annually.

Milo has worked directly with entrepreneurs in the food tech start-up space. He served as a board member of Mozza Foods, where he helped the company secure $6.5 million in Seed funding–accelerating the company’s science of growing real dairy proteins in plants.

Milo appeared alongside Miley Cyrus in The Advocate magazine’s '“Top 40 Under 40”' list of LGBT people changing the world.

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