Lists of office-holders

These are lists of incumbents (individuals holding offices or positions), including heads of states or of subnational entities.

A historical discipline, archontology, focuses on the study of past and current office holders.

Incumbents may also be found in the countries' articles (main article and "Politics of") and the list of national leaders, recent changes in 2020 in politics and government, and past leaders on State leaders by year and Colonial governors by year.

Various articles group lists by title, function or topic: e.g. abdication, assassinated persons, cabinet (government), chancellor, ex-monarchs (20th century), head of government, head of state, lieutenant governor, mayor, military commanders, minister (and ministers by portfolio below), order of precedence, peerage, president, prime minister, Reichstag participants (1792), secretary of state.

Heads of international organizations

Heads of state or government

Eastern Africa

Horn of Africa

Middle Africa

Northern Africa

Southern Africa

Western Africa


Central America

North America

South America

Central Asia

Eastern Asia

Southeastern Asia

South Asia

Western Asia

Eastern Europe

Northern Europe

  • Blekinge Governors
  • Dalarna Governors
  • Gävleborg Governors
  • Gotland Governors
  • Halland Governors
  • Jämtland Governors
  • Jönköping Governors
  • Kalmar Governors
  • Kronoberg Governors
  • Norrbotten Governors
  • Skåne Governors
  • Stockholm Governors
  • Södermanland Governors
  • Uppsala Governors
  • Värmland Governors
  • Västerbotten Governors
  • Västernorrland Governors
  • Västmanland Governors
  • Västra Götaland Governors
  • Örebro Governors
  • Östergötland Governors
  • United Kingdom: List of rulers of the United Kingdom and predecessor states

Central Europe

Southern Europe

Western Europe





Religious leaders


  • List of current Christian leaders

Catholic Church

Anglican Communion

Other denominations





Other lists

  • List of the oldest living state leaders
  • List of current governments
  • List of current vice presidents and designated acting presidents
  • List of current presidents of legislatures

Ministers by portfolio

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