List of lakes of Indonesia

This is a list of the notable lakes of Indonesia. Indonesia has 521 natural lakes and over 100 reservoirs, covering approximately 21,000 km². The total volume of water held is approximately 500 km³. The largest lake, by both area and volume, is Lake Toba in Sumatra. It holds 240 km³ of freshwater, and is the largest lake body in Southeast Asia.

Lake Toba, the world's largest volcanic lake and the largest lake in Southeast Asia, is in Indonesia

Indonesia has 3 of the 20 deepest lakes in the world - Lake Matano in Sulawesi (590 m), Lake Toba in Sumatra (505 m), and Lake Poso in Sulawesi (450 m). The only lake in Indonesia having a cryptodepression (the bottom of the lake is below sea level) is Lake Matano.

The lakes and reservoirs supply water for personal and commercial uses, and support economic activities like fisheries, hydropower, irrigation, transport, and recreation. They assist in preventing floods, and are important ecological entities.


NameTypeElevation (m)Area (km²)Max-depth (m)Volume (km³)
Lake Laut TawarTectonic1,1007080-
Lake TobaVolcanic/ tectonic9051,130529240
Lake ManinjauCaldera45997.916910.4
Lake DiatasTectonic1,53112.344-
Lake DibawahTectonic1,46211.2309-
Lake SingkarakTectonic362107.826816.1
Lake Gunung TujuhCaldera1,9509.640-
Lake KerinciTectonic/ volcanic71046971.6
Lake RanauTectonic/ volcanic540125.922921.95


NameTypeElevation (m)Area (km²)Max-depth (m)Volume (km³)
Lake SentarumFloodplain352758--
Lake BangkauFloodplain10204.5-
Riam Kanan ReservoirReservoir-92-1.2
Lake SemayangFloodplain51206-
Lake JempangFloodplain504506-


NameTypeElevation (m)Area (km²)Max-depth (m)Volume (km³)
Saguling ReservoirReservoir64553.4990.93
Cirata ReservoirReservoir200621252.16
Jatiluhur ReservoirReservoir111831052.97
Darma ReservoirReservoir6704140.04
Sempor ReservoirReservoir10012?420.052
Mrica ReservoirReservoir20070?100-
Lake Rawa PeningSemi-natural46325140.052
Gajah Munkur ReservoirReservoir140901360.74
Kedung Ombo ReservoirReservoir10046900.72
Sengguruh ReservoirReservoir----
Lahor ReservoirReservoir2702.6300.037
Sutami ReservoirReservoir27015500.34
Wlingi ReservoirReservoir1633.860.024
Selorejo ReservoirReservoir6204320.062
Wadaslintang ReservoirReservoir-14.6--

Lesser Sunda Islands

NameTypeElevation (m)Area (km²)Max-depth (m)Volume (km³)
Lake TamblinganCaldera1,2141.990-
Lake BuyanCaldera1,2143.987-
Lake BratanCaldera1,2313.822-
Lake BaturCaldera1,03115.988-
Palasari ReservoirReservoir663?45-
Lake Segara AnakCrater2,00811.3190-
Lake TigawarnaCrater1,4100.460-


NameTypeElevation (m)Area (km²)Max-depth (m)Volume (km³)
Lake TondanoCrater6005020-
Lake LimbotoFloodplain25562.5-
Lake LinduTectonic1,00032100-
Lake PosoTectonic508323.2450-
Lake SidenrengFloodplain6200?4-
Lake TempeFloodplain53505-
Lake MatanoTectonic382164.1590-
Lake TowutiTectonic293561.1203-


NameTypeElevation (m)Area (km²)Max-depth (m)Volume (km³)
Lake AmaruSolution2502220-
Lake GigiSolution1,78046.9--
Lake LaamoraSolution40062.150-
Lake PaniaiTectonic1,742195.550-
Lake RombebaiFloodplain10149--
Lake SentaniLandslide dam7093.642-

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